In Memoriam

Dan Cumiskey

Dan passed away at a VA Hospital on July 28, 2013 after a lengthy illness.  Here are two photos of Dan.  The photo on the left is Dan in 1968, our junior year.  The second photo on the right was taken at the 40th Reunion.


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11/13/13 08:55 AM #1    

Mark Mauldin

I remember seeing Dan at the reunion. Such a lively spirit. You are missed my friend


07/29/14 08:09 PM #2    

Jerry May

I remember Dan's funny personality. And he was pretty talented as bassist in his group.

It escapes me the name of the band...but they were good.

I remember talking to him at the last reunion; and his being quite candid about his health issues.

Really liked the guy~

07/30/14 11:01 AM #3    

David Wier

I have 2 memories of Dan - these are not the normal things you'd say about someone in a memorial, but.....

First, we were, for a short while, in a band together. We were playing at a private party in someone's house. At break, i went out to the car with him and he lit up a joint. It scared the crap out of me at the time. When he offered me a hit, i definitely refused.

Second - my wife met him when we were at Larry Morgan's Music store, after our 30th reunion. He said (to her) "Aren't you that good looking woman David was with at the reunion?". I was never 'with' anyone at the reunion. It took me months to convince her that he was a prankster and couldn't be believed. I really blasted him the next day for getting me in trouble with no reason for it.

I just had to get that off my chest.

07/31/14 11:47 AM #4    

Pam Russell (Taylor)

As seniors Dan and I really partied with the same group and also formed a close kinship. I was so very sad to hear of his passing...hadn't seen him in several years...and at that time we both admitted our crushes on each other from those days gone by. We only saw each other in passing over the years but there always seemed to be an unspoken bond.


What laughter and iodiocy back in high school. He and I spray painted the interior of his black VW beetle with bright orange paint that dripped....of course.! The laughter was (almost) worth the trouble he probably got into later....I don't remember how that turned out...!?! Thanks for all the good times, Dan. I'll always think of you kindly and miss our wonderful times together. You're the man.

11/27/14 09:14 PM #5    

Russ Stovall

What a free spirit.  Dan's dad told him to fertilize the yard and he did.    A week or so later he calls me to come over to see his yard.  Your going to laugh you A_ _ off.  Dan used a drop spreader.  He went in a circle on both sides of the front yard.  The grass came up very green in a bulls eye configuration.  Dark green then a light green line.  His dad was not laughing. 

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