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11/23/23 11:15 AM #29204    


Russ Stovall

Sandra I'm so sorry to hear of your mothers passing.  So thankful that the transition was peaceful for her and yourself.  You're an angel for taking care of her.  May she rest in peace.  Take care of yourself and get some well deserved rest.  


11/23/23 03:30 PM #29205    


Lowell Tuttle

Throwback uniforms today...Somewhat...

I like.   (no nike swoosh in the old

AMERICA'S TEAM–LOST LEGEND: Amazing journey ends for Dallas ...

11/23/23 05:29 PM #29206    


Lowell Tuttle

My Thanksgiving message was so boring...I was gonna call Lawrence, but all I could say was, Happy Turkey, I went out and saw there was enough daylight for a 4-5 mile cycle ride.   I have a leaky tire, so I pumped it up...then, realized it was a little cool for a t shirt, and went inside for my jacket...back gone...what?  omg they stole my bike in 30 seconds?  ran inside got my car keys and tore out looking, up to 1960...thinking, what'll I do if it's a gang, or if the guys bigger or's not too much of a bike...just keeps me from having to spend 500-700 on a new one and I am so cheap...well, I turned right and there he was, right by the or car wash...My cruddy ole bike had locked up as he had relished the thought of a new 15 speeder and I guess thought he could change gears (my bike is very sensitive...)  

Was he bigger?  stronger?   minority?   nope, he was an old 75-80 year old guy with white hair...I stopped my car in his tracks and got out in a huff "You stole my bike you son of a bitch"....He howled, I need help...I need help...Well, I was pretty shook up and someone pulled over to help him...I got my bike back, chain caught in the gear...

I guess I am thankful for not getting beat up recovering my bike...

Now I reflecting...adrenalin sort of keeps the Christianity at bay a bit...I could have been a bit nicer...

11/24/23 11:50 AM #29207    


David Cordell

Glad you got your bike back, Lowell. Fifteen years ago when we moved in, we left our bikes on the driveway in the back. Didn't realize they were gone. Didn't know about alley cruiser/thieves.

How about that single bar face mask that Eddie LeBaron was wearing? While we watched the game yesterday, I mentioned that those were early sixties throw-back uniforms. I didn't like them back then. Maybe they should also wear the single-bar face masks when they wear the throw-back uniforms.

But as hideous as those uniforms are, they've got nothing on the hideous color orf the Seahawks uniforms. Yikes!

Thanksgiving went well except for the loss of my most important TV remote. We looked everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Everywhere except the place where the evil instrument was hiding -- in the one-inch space between the sofa and the end table. Smart TV. Smart-ass remote.

11/24/23 01:50 PM #29208    


Janalu Jeanes (Parchman)

I was telling my son that the Seahawks looked like they were wearing uniforms the dog barfed upon.  I can't imagine the decision making that went on when that color was chosen, except that the decision makers wanted a color that would STAND OUT as being different from the crowd.  To me they look clownish.  I would have thought the team members would have said, "You've GOT to be kidding!"

I think they may call that color chartreuse.

The players look like giant English peas with legs, running around on the field.

I guess one could say that, "Well, it just figures, coming out of Seattle!"

Those people up there take pride in being 'different', wouldn't you say?


Now it's time for a turkey sandwich break for me!  LOVE those turkey leftovers!

11/24/23 02:54 PM #29209    


Sandra Spieker (Ringo)

One of the last things I will do for my mom was to write her obituary, and include a photo.  Here is the link to the funeral home obit.  I went through a box of photos and found three I loved.  Each one revealed a bit of her personality, so rather than decide to pick just one, I did all three in one.  This is her in much, much better days.  She was a real character.  Thank you to all who have expressed their sympathy to me.  All of them helped me get my strength back. 

11/24/23 04:28 PM #29210    


David Cordell

Love the pix, Sandra. Good idea to post all of them.

11/25/23 10:15 AM #29211    


Lowell Tuttle

I am on a FB page which touts Detroit's music scene as well as their athletics.   It led me to this.   I went to this game.   Many of you probably drove 50 miles to watch it as it was blacked out.   Probably the greatest NFL defensive playoff game of all time...

Of course they lost the Super Bowl that year.   Love seeing this guys play...

On Youtube, the comments below the video are worth reading...

Two Franks   Glieber and Gifford were the announcers...


11/25/23 03:36 PM #29212    

Jim Bedwell


I remember that Dallas/Detroit playoff game. We won 5-0, so it's obvious how those points were scored.


Yesterday I saw a couple of new documentaries on the JFK assassination. And LO AND BEHOLD there was a 97-year-old Bill Mercer; he was discussing when he was at the Dallas jail before Oswald was shot. I hadn't known until just a few years ago that he was one of the reporters involved in that circus in downtown Dallas - I had seen a documentary that showed Bill's being in the hallway at the Dallas jail with all the others. THEN yesterday on the new show, there's Bill saying how at the bizarre midnight press conference with suspect Lee Harvey the night of Nov 22-23, the guy next to Bill asked Oswald if he had shot the President. After the misfit's reply, Bill said he (Bill) immediately then told Oswald what he had recently heard officially, i.e., that Oswald had been charged with killing JFK. Oswald asked him what did you just say? And then Bill said he repeated to Lee Harvey that he had been charged with the assassination.

Anyway, I hadn't known until yesterday that that was Bill Mercer who was enlightening Oswald of his legal predicament. I remember seeing that clip decades ago. Oh, and yes, in case you missed it, there's a photo that's turned up the last few years that shows Jack Ruby was also there at that midnight press conference - I bet that wasn't a banana in his pocket that night!

And Bill Mercer, who'll be 98 early next year.........I last saw him December, 2010 at their house in Richardson when I stopped by on a lark. His son Evan and daughter were there and his wife, who was disabled due to Parkinson's, was also there. So Bill's added a little weight and lost all his hair pretty much now, but MAN, he's just as sharp as he ever was!!!! How many 97-year-old men are that preserved mentally? PRECIOUS FEW!!!! And I think I spotted a melanoma-surgery scar on his left cheek (if he were Australian, it would be more likely to be on the right cheek since they drive on the wrong side of the road there) that looks like the two I've got on my left cheek - they try to stitch up the wound so that it's at a diagonal - that way, it disappears & looks like another wrinkle when you smile (at least that's the idea).

11/25/23 05:14 PM #29213    


Lowell Tuttle

I devliverd the Mercer's paper for a while.   I believe they lived on Inglewood...across the street from The Maupin's.   

Tommy Maupin was one of the fastest guys I ever saw.   I know Johnny Powell, Chuck Korvales and Sam Duncan were all distance runners.   Maupin set the state record in the 880 and it lasted for quite a while...

I played with him on church softball...He was lightning.

11/25/23 08:09 PM #29214    

Jim Bedwell


The Mercers lived on Winchester west of Floyd, and on the south side 2 or 3 houses from the western end of the street. Maybe they lived on that other street earlier?

11/26/23 12:24 PM #29215    

Jim Bedwell

And I hadn't known until this day, that it was Barzini all along.

David C,

Ditto on those Seahawks uniforms. CHARTREUSE - I HATE THAT COLOR ON JUST ABOUT ANYTHING - it's my cilantro.

11/26/23 03:37 PM #29216    


David Cordell

Lowell, sorry about your Texans loss today, but thanks for the clip of the old Cowboys game. I bet that you, like me, recognized every Cowboy on the field by number without seeing the name.

11/26/23 04:29 PM #29217    


Lowell Tuttle

I used chartreuse colored spinner baits if I didn't get up early enough in the morning for topwaters when I had a boat and fished Lake Conroe in the 80's and a bit in the 90's.   Usually, for me though, it was trolling with deepwater lures in the late afternoon to early evening...I was and am a lazy fisherman...Haven't even renewed my license this year.

Texans made some mistakes today.   They are so much better now with OSU product CJ Stroud though...Fun to watch grow...

If you want a music treat...Listen to (loud) Joe Cocker on Mad Dogs & Englishment specifically, the drummers Jim Keltner and Jim Gordon...Surrounded with the if you listen in a car on youtube using bluetooth...


11/27/23 04:31 PM #29218    


Bob Davidson


That was a beautiful obituary for your mom.  My condolences.

11/28/23 08:17 AM #29219    


Lowell Tuttle

Sort of funny and sad.

AARP members have advance sale options on the 4 28 2023 Rolling Stones opening show at NRG Stadium in Houston.   I would like to go.   My good seats last time were 70.00...and that was about 2000 when the stadium opened.   That seat now is 987.00.

You can get ultimat front row tickets for 3000.00.

These are not scalper prices...they are regular prices.   

Might be a good investment...if you expect to live until next April, or if you expect Mick Jagger to.   We all know Keith Richards will live that long...He sold his soul.

11/28/23 01:27 PM #29220    

Jim Bedwell

Yesterday at Home Depot a worker told me that he was born 8-9-1951, was from Romania, and moved to Knoxville from Illinois last year. He said he didn't know why he waited so long to escape Illinoisome (aka "ill and noisome"). His property taxes, formerly almost 10K a year, are now about 1400 a year for a comparable house. We also agreed about gypsies and how they are simply parasites on the body of society who contribute NOTHING to the rest of humanity (like Dem politicians). They never work and wherever they go, they mirror the American homeless in the mess they create and effect they have on society. Now ask me what I really think!


Keith Richards turns 80 next month - life is NOT FAIR! When I moved to Anchorage 36 years ago, a co-worker and I were talking then about how Keith already looked like death warmed over. And I wouldn't pay over 250 bucks to see the Stones many years ago and I won't now pay 1-3K either.

11/28/23 06:43 PM #29221    


David Cordell

Friday night Martha and I visited Eddy Norton at his mother's home to watch the UT-TT football game. Before leaving for Mrs. Norton's home, we had to finish a few errands, including walking Becky, the Little Black Dog.  We were very rushed, trying to get to Mrs. Norton's on time. 

At some point during the game I looked down at my shoes. I think I must have been distracted by another task while I was changing from my dog walking shoes into casual loafers. 

Looking at the two shoes together, it is a bit hard to understand how I wouldn't have felt the difference in size, thickness of heel, etc.

For those who think I am losing it, the event recalls a similar situation over thirty-five years ago. I was appropriately clothed in business attire, walking to a business meeting along side a colleague.  I looked down and realized that I was wearing one wing-tip shoe and one cap-toe shoe. But it wasn't as bad as this.

11/28/23 09:58 PM #29222    


Lowell Tuttle

You have shoez heimers

11/29/23 10:08 AM #29223    


Janalu Jeanes (Parchman)

I think the eclectic look of two different shoes could be evidence of our split society having a profound effect upon our way of living, and the "new look" may take hold with other people adopting the same stylish mannerisms.  Your newly adopted style shows diversity and inclusiveness.  Now your other shoes may have hurt feelings if they are not included in the next round of your choosings, as you decide which ones to wear with the dawning of a new day.  I'm sure Becky doesn't care, as long as she gets her stroll around the block.

I've noticed ladies lately, wearing two different earrings on their ears, for instance.  Just another way of choosing to be different, perhaps.  Or maybe an indication of indecisiveness and mental confusion.  Who knows or cares these days........As long as everyone FEELS equal and included, with diversity showing to all that you are aware of all that is; everyone and everything MUST be acknowledged at all times for equalness, lest someone somewhere be left FEELING less worthy, or less recognized.  No individuality or excelling toward an upwardly lifting goal that might make you more 'high and mighty'!!  Heck no!!  None of that nonsense!!

11/29/23 11:50 AM #29224    


Bob Davidson

Jim, when I lived up there, I called them "ill-annoyances."

11/29/23 12:58 PM #29225    


Sandra Spieker (Ringo)


Thank you, I appreciate it very much.

11/29/23 02:30 PM #29226    


David Cordell

Sent to me by a classmate.

Wasn't Paul Lynde great?

11/29/23 07:06 PM #29227    


Wayne Gary

Here is another Paul Lynde

11/29/23 09:33 PM #29228    


David Wier


re: Keith Richards
We started saying this long before he stopped dying his hair. Heroin must be really good for your hair....

You're right in saying that he looks like death warmed over, but I wish I had a head of hair (thick and full) like he has. I don't see how he has enough energy to play the shows on the tours. Of course, he probably never has to pick up a guitar, much less, his guitar amp. For all I know, he could sleep all day and then get up when they say "Concert's on!"


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