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05/10/21 05:21 PM #22249    


Wayne Gary


At one point Sue posted how she transitioned from Tommy.  Later Tommy said he was not the one  that told about getting the makeover to become Sue and denied being Sue.

To me Tommy may be smart but he  has serious mental promblems with 3 seperate persons and needs medication and professional help.

05/10/21 05:40 PM #22250    


David Cordell


I think that we had many very smart classmates who knew that they were smarter than their teachers, and there were many teachers who knew it also. Sometimes students made sure that the teacher knew it. It is not difficult to imagine a teacher picking up on that vibe and reacting, or at least experiencing a degradation in their enthusiasm. And high school students have a way of getting under teachers' skin. I don't know how anyone can stand to teach high school or junior high.

Some teachers end up teaching topics that are not even in their major field. Maybe they majored in biology, but they also have to teach chemistry, having had only one chemistry course in college. They don't know the topic that well, and sometimes it shows.

My wife started teaching in Austin in the fall of 1973 for exactly $6,000 per year. I think she worked her way up to about $60,000 with a masters degree plus 30 hours beyond the masters. Most of the salary increase was due to inflation. (To give an idea of the effect of inflation, our three bedroom brick house in Austin purchased a couple of years later cost $27,000.) After 38 years, her pension is about $38,000 per year and is not adjusted for inflation. Her schools didn't pay into the Social Security System. She only receives about $500 per month from SS, based on work for employers that was covered by SS. That $500 would be $900 except for a provision that reduces SS benefit for those receiving a pension from a non-SS-covered source, the vast majority of whom in Texas are teachers.

I don't mean to seem defensive. and I understand what you're saying about enthusiasm. But I can easily see how enthusiasm can wane when you are trying to teach a group of kids, including many who don't want to be there and don't disguise the feeling.


05/10/21 06:07 PM #22251    

Ron Stocklas

David, I am who I say I am. I don't like Tommy any more than you but I contacted him by email to see if there was some way he could clear up this ridiculous idea that he has been impersonating me and that I am not me. I've always been me.

He said that he was sorry that I got caught up in your relationship with him. He thought that actually it was you who were impersonating me. He said that this was what you thought was a clever way to make him look bad and that no one would ever believe that you would do such an outlandish thing so it was something like the perfect crime. He asked me not to talk about what he said but I didn't promise not to do so. So I am posting this for you.

He even said that you would deny this on your Forum and probably delete my post. In fact, he said that you would be so upset about his figuring out what you were up to that you would prevent me from posting any longer just like you did Lance and him.

I can say unequivocally for anyone who is reading that you are not impersonating me. 

I told him that you wouldn't do that because I am me not Tommy and you are just not that kind of guy. Then he said you would probably even remove me from the class list and delete all my posts. I agree with you and Wayne that Tommy has simply lost it. He needs to see a therapist right away.

Just ignore him -- he's not worth paying any attention to.


05/10/21 06:37 PM #22252    


David Cordell


Everyone knows that Tommy is simply trolling and seeking to cause grief to me, and to a lesser extent to classmates who are inclined to toward the more conservative side.

But he is right about something. I will remove you from this site -- because you are a fake.

If you want to preserve your posts, you will need to copy them because they will disappear soon, as will your access to post on this site.

05/10/21 09:28 PM #22253    


Lowell Tuttle


Back in grade school, living at 727 Newberry, our neighbors were The Sheets, Cedarbergs, Cudmores, Debona's, Ed Kneese, Bob Sichterman's family and some others.   The kid who had the most toys was Bill Hyatt, a couple of years our junior.   But he had a collection of army men and other stuff that was cool for our age at that time.

His mom worked.   But, I remember her being able to imitate commercials on the radio and TV perfectly and thought it was neat.   The one I remember most was Munch a Bunch of Frito's.

Today,, wife and I driving all over town trying to get her brother's affeirs in order to get out of his hospital freeze stay (from 2 18 2021 to now) and go into a nursing home.

I have decided I want to be able to imitate this commercial.

05/11/21 11:08 AM #22254    


Jerry May

I have nothing but fond memories of RHS! And yes, some of the teachers were difficult and some who I felt at the time had favorites, but overall there were a few I really liked......and public school worked great for me. 

And at the end of the worked out well for my parents who were struggling to put me through Jesuit. With the exception of a few, I did not care for the snobs who had brand new cars at the beginning of sophomore year and wouldn't speak to those who did not. Some of these rich kids ended up being "kicked out" or flunked out!

Overall, the educators.......priests and lay brothers were difficult.....and graded hard, but were eager to help.  One......Father Rivoire, who did not teach...but acted as Asst Principal disciplined with a big stick.....or rather a board.....just like Jerry Miller at RHS......was all right, but if challenged could be pretty imposing at 5'11 220 lbs or so.  So, overall.....I got along with the faculty.....but a handful of kids. Plus, I just couldn't find any girls there!

So, near the end of sophomore year, I was "fed up" with private school and met with my parents. I was frank and told them I went because they wanted me to; but really wanted to go to Richardson. They didn't say much at all.....although I thought I saw a hint of relief from my Dad. They told me the proper thing to do was to speak to their good friend.....who happened to be the Principal, which I did the next day.

He had my records in front of him and said, "Jerry, you are not failing.....and have never been a disciplinary problem; are you sure you want to leave?" The answer was simply "Yes Father"

On to RHS where I never looked back.....and found two friends right away: Jim Mulvihill and Steve Keene!

I was determined to make it work......and it has been a wonderful experience knowing so many......and even new friends from the reunions to this forum! Besides, I bet there are very few classes who have an website, much less a forum!

05/11/21 01:26 PM #22255    


Bob Davidson

Lowell -- $495k is probably low for the neighborhood, but it varies greatly street by street. I think Euclid is a good street, but I'm not sure. The builders who hound residents to sell are offering that or a little more cash with no realtor fees.  A house on Michaux -- the too busy through street -- that belonged to my late barber and friend was sold by the estate for $480k in a couple of days and is being rehabbed.  Mostly the old, irreplaceable houses get turned in to McMansions, including ones that have received architectural awards, and despite things like oak floors, unless they are in one of the historical districts.

Everyone knows the stories of the swindlers who claim that they love the old house and want buy it to live in it if the cost was just a little less -- who turn out to be fronts for developers.  Of course, we in the neighborhood all follow the sales prices around us:  some lot value sales are over $700 in the past few months on good streets. 

05/11/21 01:57 PM #22256    


David Cordell


Did you run into Father Joubert at Jesuit?

I had a mixed experience with my teachers in 7th and 8th grade at St. Mark's. My seventh grade French teacher had a ridiculous temper, but my eighth grade French teacher was a total babe. My seventh grade math teacher thought it was really funny to refer to us as girls. Not something a 7th grader wants to hear. Eighth grade math teacher was fine. We had the same math books as the advanced classes at Richardson. Science teachers were good -- one was from England and the other was retired military. (St. Mark's has fabulous facilities, including a high quality planetarium, that was recently upgraded.) Art history teacher was a bit rough and very demanding. English teachers were good - one was pretty and the other was from Scotland. We memorized a good bit of poetry in eighth, and I still remember a few lines here and there. I especially liked Kipling's If, and can still muddle my way through it. I liked the Latin teacher and the history teachers. 

I was invited to the 45th and 50th reunions at St. Mark's and have renewed relationships with several of my classmates. One is a orthopedic surgeon who is moving to Plano after 40+ years in Manhattan Beach, CA. He was very helpful when we sought information relating to our son's unfortunate scooter accident. I am trying to reciprocate by helping with his house in his transition from California. No real work. Just looking after things.

05/11/21 04:16 PM #22257    

Kurt Fischer

re. Memories of RHS and its teachers....

I've found the conversation interesting.  Once more I feel like I spent years at an institution, but have few memories.

My family moved from Chicago (Arlington Heights) in the summer before my freshman year.  I'd spent two years in the Arlington schools (rumored to be very good) and five years prior in Los Angeles schools (quite good back then).  

I guess I found the RHS teachers on par with what I had experienced previously.  I look back at those years and feel badly that I wasn't a better student.  It seems like I did enough to get by.  I graduated in the top 10% of the class, but never really applied myself like I did in college.  For some reason I too remember the science classes.  The worst one I had was with Mr Ibbotson (sp?) for Chemistry, who had come out of industry to begin teaching.  He tried hard, but did not have the knack of teaching.  I also remember an English class with a first year teacher.  Not sure which year, but the guys in the class regularly overwhelmed her.  I distinctly remember her breaking down and crying during one class.  It still confirms my conclusion that teenage boys will tend towards being jerks if you allow them to.  She did not return the next year.

On the other hand, I felt like a real scholar when I took freshman English at Texas Tech and asked the TA whether we could use a Thesaurus on an in-class assignment.  She did not know what I was talking about.  All in all, my time at RHS prepared me well for the classes I took at Texas Tech and I never felt like I was having to catch up.  Of course, that might be further condemnation of Texas Tech, but let's pretend like it was a solid second tier university...  While I was one of the top Math majors in my class, I recognized that I was swimming in a small pond when I discovered by Advanced Calculus textbook was the freshman textbook at Rice.  Made me realize going to SMU for an MBA was not such a bad idea.


05/11/21 04:24 PM #22258    

Jim Bedwell


THANK YOU for removing "Ron"!!!!! I do impersonations too, but at least mine are good!! You should hear my Bill Clinton. Oh wait, I might be getting narcissistic like Ron's awful alter ego! At least Lance was right about him in spades!!!

05/11/21 05:10 PM #22259    

Jim Bedwell

I was an honor student with one of those yellow shoulder sashes 52 years ago this month in Moody Coliseum. With all this talk about education, teachers, classes, class difficulty & the like, I thought I'd share a little vignette from my RHS honor student days.

My senior year at RHS I started on the weed unfortunately. Introduction to that scene leads to very quick learning of the other drugs like psychedelics, speed, cocaine etc, all a lot more of a problem (along with alcohol) than the relatively minor-league herb, I think. One day another RHS '69er (a male), my girlfriend at the time, and I went down to this dealer's house in old east Dallas somewhere. The other Eagle guy was buying some psychedelics and this dealer named "Bongo" had all kinds of matchboxes and other containers FULL of different kinds of pills. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. And Bongo, not only did he obviously not use deodorant, but also that odor permeated his den of iniquity. He had a really hard, haggard look to him that had drug addict and down-and-outer written all over it; he wasn't that young but not that old either, so I guess middle-aged on the younger side. Another time I was over there, and I actually helped Bongo by holding the belt on his arm so he could shoot up! After he finished, I asked him what it was, and he said it was a speedball, which I found out later was a cocktail of cocaine & heroin. The problem with speedballs is that once the short-acting stimulant cocaine wears off, the heroin, if it's too strong a dose, can kill you, like what happened to Belushi. But Bongo had so many pills that were uppers at his place, he probably never OD'd from a speedball even after the cocaine wore off. In fact I could have sworn he said it was cocaine, speed & heroin, but I'm not sure - it wouldn't be hard for a hard-core addict like that to melt down some amphetamine pill & put it in the cocktail, right? Also he kept a tear gas gun at that old house because he claimed he was going to be ready if the cops ever came knocking; I heard a few months later that the cops did exactly that (DUH!) and I never went over there again after that. I did smell the end of that tear gas gun though and got a strong whiff of it very briefly - my nose burned for 30 minutes! YIKES!

Quite an educational experience, huh?





05/11/21 05:18 PM #22260    

Ron Stocklas

David, you are nothing if not a good man. Or at the very least, since none of us is perfect, a man who sincerely tries to discern and act upon the good in all circumstances and with all people. Your reputation has preceded you for years.

As you have pointed out, I have written nothing worthy of deleting or resulting in expulsion. Since I am Ron, I know that you cannot possibly have the certainty that I am Tommy and none of your advisors can be certain of that either. All of you are dancing in the dark while reaching to claim the spotlight.

Justice -- at least American justice -- relies on certainty beyond a reasonable doubt before taking any actions adverse to any individual. You must not have spoken with Tommy about this since he would have dispelled your misplaced notions about who I am. Why don't you speak with Tommy directly and ask him if he has any part in my being on both your Forums? That seems to me to be the only way that you can act as judge, jury, and executioner -- under the watchful eye of and with the class' support -- and keep your conscience clear.

All of us in the RHS Class of 1969 will remember you by the action you take. Remember that punctuality is not the only courtesy of kings. So are temperance and tolerance.

05/11/21 05:26 PM #22261    

Jim Bedwell

I have ONE thing to say about this latest "Ron" post:


OK, maybe TWO things. The proof that "Ron" is Tommy is especially found in the last short paragraph - does that sound like "Ron" or Tommy? Tommy's making Ron a caricature of an ignorant, often profane, knee-jerk God- & gun-loving backwoods redneck was too good!!! BIG DUH!

C'mon, David, you GOTTA keep this last "Ron" post - it's too humorous to see him on his hands & knees!!!




05/11/21 06:06 PM #22262    


Bob Davidson

One of the things I've thought of at various times is about when you are young you have no idea how your friends will turn later in life. Jim's story about the drugs reminded me of seeing several of our late classmates a few years after we graduated who lost their battles with addiction.  Or the ones who have been amazingly successful.

For instance, two future 5-star generals (there have only been four five stars in the army, if you consider Hap Arnold to be Air Force -- Washington and Pershing didn't have the title in their own times), Omar Bradley and Ike, were in the same class at West Point (1915, "the class the starts fell on").  Ike was the star of the football team (one of the best college halfbacks in the country and editor of the yearbook); Bradley was one of the best college baseball players -- he turned down a pro contract to stay in the army.  They were tentmates one summer and in the same cadet company all four years.  In the yearbook, Ike wrote about Brad something close to: we will all be serving under General Bradley some day.  Of course, all the rest of them who stayed in the army, except Ike, did serve under General Bradley -- after serving under General Eisenhower -- both were chief of staff.  Brad stayed on a year after they graduated as a faculty member -- he taught math; so did Ike -- he was assistant football coach.  You wonder if they or the other guys in their class knew that those guys would be so important or if they thought some other guy was the one to watch, maybe a guy who retired as a major.

My grandfather served in the army with Lt. George Patton chasing Pancho Villa around northern Mexico before WWI.  He had some snapshots with Patton in them -- before the movie came out, I remember seeing the big silver revolver slung low on one young, fairly scary-looking guy's hip -- Grandpa said something like "that's Patton -- he was famous in World War II."  He said they all knew Patton would either end up as a general or kicked out of the army in disgrace.  (one of my favorite tidbits about Patton was his faculty evaluation as cadet captain at West Point -- "too damn military.")

I knew Liz Warren as a junior professor at U of H.  I liked to argue with her -- she was the only open Republican on the law faculty and she was friendly to me, but I had no idea she'd become a senator or presidential candidate and wonder if I'd have treated her differently if I'd known. 

A future governor of Iowa (Robert Ray) was in my parents' high school class -- they had their 40th reunion at the governor's mansion. Mom said everyone liked him, but he didn't seem like someone who'd be important someday.  Cloris Leachman was ahead of their class at that school -- she was the beauty queen super-pretty girl all the others were jealous of and all the boys had crushes on; her little sister was in their class and gorgeous, too.  They all expected Cloris to be a big time actress. 

I wonder if I or any of you all have known other people who ended up really important in the world and if we had any idea that they had that future.





05/11/21 07:20 PM #22263    


Holly Hobby

Real quick:   Several of you had really interesting, humorous memories of high school.  Very cool, your transparency.   

No idea anyone in our class (GASP!) smoked weed.  Or dabbled in anything else.   I graduated high school resolute in the belief drugs and/or sex before marriage was a one-way ticket to some Jewish version of hell. Just the thought of drugs or sex was terrifying.  What a dork. Lol  


05/11/21 07:29 PM #22264    


Holly Hobby

Harriette Fired First Day on the Job. 

05/11/21 07:50 PM #22265    


Holly Hobby

There are real police reports. Bonafide real. 

05/11/21 08:26 PM #22266    


Holly Hobby

* Edited

One more thing:


I, too, have wondered about your authenticity,  Some time ago a classmate asked, in effect, that  I conduct a deep drill on you.  I declined.   I did, however, run a broadbase query across multiple databases local, state and federal inclusive.  Took 4-5 mins.  (* clarification: I didn't share findings with classmate who requested above referenced  investigation or anyone else)

If you are the Ron Stockton reportedly listed in RHS yearbook, it appears you had a sister. It also appears you lost her some time ago.  If so, I'm  sorry for your loss.  It couldn't have been easy. 

Either way, I agree with everything you said about David.  He's a good guy, Ron.  One of the best. 

05/11/21 08:35 PM #22267    


Jerry May

Father Joubert? The name sounds familiar. Did he teach at Jesuit?

Anyway, I was reminded by a classmate about girls I dated back then. "What about the Ursuline Girls, and the one Hockaday girl you told me about?" (he was referencing my earlier post) For which I was quick to remind "yeah I did date them, but none available at Jesuit!" 
Let's see......counting Paula who I dated almost all of freshman year and 2 more there and one at Hockaday, Wow,  that was a disaster.....with the wicked hall monitor or whoever she was!!

I remember one girls name was Ellen......who I introduced to one of my few friends. (He dated her for a year)

So that's about the size of my dating experience while "attending" Jesuit!



05/11/21 10:14 PM #22268    

Jim Bedwell

Bob D,

I went to school with a guy 1961-63 in Short Hills, New Jersey, less than 20 air miles west of Manhattan, who went to Yale and had one Hillary Rodham for a T.A. once. I asked him what she was like. He said she was "tough, humorless, and unattractive". Also he went to Harvard Business School and graduated in the same class, 1975, as one George W. Bush and Mitt Romney. In fact he and Romney worked at 3 different companies together 1975-80 and this buddy was Mitt's campaign chairman in Europe in 2008 - they're personal friends. I asked him about Bush and he said mostly George Jr. just sat in the back and didn't say much at Harvard. Also my buddy lived in England for almost 35 years in his business consulting and now lives in Montecito, CA - he's the most successful person I've ever known personally. The first company he worked for out of Harvard, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), he worked for them from 1975 onward, relocating to London for what he thought was a short stint that turned into decades (but only with BCG for a year or two there initially). He interviewed one Benjamin Netanyahu for a position at BCG once. He recommended to his superiors there that they not hire Bibi because he was too arrogant and wouldn't fit in. After he went to England, they hired him anyway. With his academic pedigree I bet he voted Dem a lot, but I'm pretty sure after talking to me that he voted for Trump. He's no dummy!!

But this buddy was the smartest kid in my 6th grade class, I think. Plus we had a lot of devilish fun then. I never would have imagined that he would have rubbed shoulders with such folks (not that some of those mentioned are all that outstanding in a lot of ways, in my estimation). He and his 2nd wife, along with other successful Americans living in England met the Queen & Prince Philip over 15 years ago at some gala dinner the royals hosted for those elite folks living abroad there. I'm sure he curtsied for her since I told him he had to. He gave me a tour of his estate mansion (of over 9000 square feet) built in 1611 or thereabouts in County Kent, England in 2003. He also had 2 or 3 rental properties on that land (1 house was bigger than my house back in Anchorage, AK) and harvested wheat he sold to the EU. Anyway he and I have lived in and continue to live in different worlds!!


05/11/21 11:30 PM #22269    

Jim Bedwell

Here's an updated version of my take on the JFK assassination. Enjoy!

There's no doubt Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby both acted alone. Who knew that a non-military part of the national government (i.e. the Warren Commission) could get something right?

I've seen 2 excellent documentaries (can't remember if one was the PBS Nova show Sherri McCormack's brother worked on but it probably was) that both recreated the "magic bullet" 2nd shot with the correct measurements on distances and positioning of participants, etc. The first of these 2 documentaries I saw had simulated body parts, including torsos. The bullet did all the things the real one did except that it bounced off the fake Connally's left leg rather than imbedding just underneath the skin, the surmised reason being that the bullet hit 2 of the ribs in the imitation torso rather than the one rib in 1963. By the way, nobody should bother watching Oliver Stone's JFK; what a piece of misleading garbage that movie is.

I've been very interested in this over the years. Over 85% of the witnesses heard 3 shots, at least one heard 5 or 6. The first shot missed everything it was intended to hit (i.e., Kennedy), caused sparks on the pavement that at least one witness observed, and ricocheted down Dealey Plaza where it hit the southern curb of Main Street a few yards east of the triple underpass. The bullet caused a piece of curb concrete to fly up and nick the right cheek of 27-year-old James Tague (1936-2014) - he was interviewed at Dallas Police Headquarters later that day.

Concerning that first bullet, I've seen 2 documentaries where they examined the traffic light pole (at Elm & Houston where the last turn was made in front of the School Book Depository) and found no bullet damage whatever. BUT there was a documentary that aired a few years ago that revealed that 5 days after the assassination they filmed the crime scene from 2 vantage points - 1) from the sniper's perch looking down at another Lincoln limousine convertible as it made the same turn, and 2) from the turning Lincoln looking up at the sniper's nest. Both panning shots briefly showed a small hole in the bottom of the traffic light, which has since been replaced, unlike the supporting pole which is the same one that was there in '63.

Also critically revealed in this recent show was that 13-year-old Tina Towner, standing & taking fotos across from the Depository on the southwest corner of Elm & Houston, said that the limo was actually closer to the curb and perhaps partially into the left lane, rather than turning perfectly into the middle lane on that day. And from those 2 panning shots from November 27, 1963, you can see how the seated Kennedy substitute, rather than being to the right of the traffic light and exposed, would have passed right under the traffic light and ruined (in LHO's mind anyway) the first bullet's path.

The second shot, as I've said, has been duplicated in at least 2 documentaries I've seen so go watch those shows. Also from my knowledge there are only a very few (under 10, likely under 6) books worth reading about the event: 1) former LA prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi's (convicted the Manson family) 1500-page TOME titled "Reclaiming History; The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy", that's the Bible to start with if you have the time 2) "Case Closed" by Gerald Posner (which is criticized by Bugliosi somewhat in his later book), 3) "A Conspiracy of One" by Jim Moore (although I haven't read that one so I can't vouch for its value unlike the first 2 which I've read), 4) urologist Dr. John K. Lattimer's book “Kennedy and Lincoln: Medical & Ballistic Comparisons of Their Assassinations" (I also haven't read this one), 5) no books but many articles by Max Holland (born 12/9/1950), the commentator who figured out what happened to the first shot on that documentary.

Concerning the second bullet, the “magic bullet”, what the con artists, including "JFK" director Oliver Stone, keep repeating is how could the bullet make that mid-air turn, etc, etc.? BUT what they fail to mention is that Connally was seated several inches further away from the side of the car than Kennedy was AND Connally also was sitting several inches LOWER than JFK in a totally different kind of seat. Plus Connally knew what a gunshot sounded like and was turned somewhat to the right since that's where he heard the first shot was coming from. In that one recreation of the second shot on a documentary, they showed that the bullet went in a straight line, starting with hitting Kennedy in the back of the neck and on through, and though the bullet didn't hit the spine, it broke a vertebra partially due to the concussive effect, then after exiting Kennedy, it started tumbling (called yawing) and hit Connally sideways in the upper back, and they showed there was no mid-air turning, but rather it was a straight line. In fact I remember seeing, on the same documentary, multiple tests of a bullet hitting a fake Kennedy torso and EVERY time the bullet YAWED before hitting the fake Connally torso. In conclusion the bullet didn't behave "magically" at all, but absolutely normally according to the laws of physics.

Now to the third shot. I've seen shows that disprove any other assassin. He couldn't have been shooting from the storm drain on the north side of Elm Street because the side of the car obscured his hitting Kennedy. A shooter couldn't have hit JFK's head from the top of the triple overpass because it would have had to hit the limo's windshield first. People have done a lot of work trying to prove a grassy knoll shooter but even the phantom "Badgeman" has been pretty much dismissed as a possibility for various reasons. Also frame 312 of the Zapruder film is the last instant before the fatal head shot, which appears in 313. Clearly you can observe mostly forward and upward projection of the brain, bones, blood, etc. in frame 313. Also a lady took a photo from the south side of Elm at the same instant and it showed forward and upward splatter, indicating a rear head shot. The mess in the limo was inexplicably cleaned up outside Parkland Hospital - you wouldn't see crime scene disturbance like that today. But the government men who recalled the back seat before the cleanup remembered the mess was mostly forward there (yes there was a lot of blood on that back seat as well). Also a drawing of Kennedy's now-missing brain was made at the time, I think at Bethesda where the lousy autopsy took place, and clearly showed little damage to the left lobe, but extreme damage to the right one, also precluding the possibility of a grassy knoll shot that would have damaged the left side. First Lady Jackie Kennedy would probably have been injured from a side shot from the grassy knoll. Concerning the way JFK's body snapped back at impact, that documentary also provided light there. When a bullet hits a brain like that one did, this doctor was saying that that shock would send electric impulses automatically down the spine, and since the back muscles are a lot stronger than the abdominal ones, that would cause the back to lurch backwards when those back muscles contracted. Also wasn't Kennedy wearing his back brace that day? I would think that would also contribute to the effect. If he did move to the left also, doesn't that make sense? He was leaning to the left into Jackie when the bullet hit him. So don't fall for the conspiracy theorist's canard of "back and to the left" (the way Kennedy's head moved right after the impact) in their attempts to create another assassin from the side on the grassy knoll. There was a witness, photographer Bob Jackson who also coincidentally shot the famous picture of Ruby's shooting of Oswald 2 days later, from below the Depository who saw the front of the rifle's being withdrawn by some one (Oswald) AFTER the third shot as well. And there was another witness, a guy from the south side of Elm or further down Houston street (I can't remember) who had seen Oswald before the murder and thought he was kinda weird looking or acting and THEN saw him smirking very briefly in the Depository window. AFTER the fatal shot.

Oswald's lie of "my face on the photo in the back yard with the rifle was superimposed on the original" was disproven by his wife, who admitted taking the picture with the assassin & his assassination weapon. Also Oswald had tried to kill right-wing General Edwin Walker earlier in April that year but barely missed (with the same assassination rifle) when the bullet hit a window pane frame piece and deflected into the wall. Oswald's wife knew about that also. Oswald fits the profile of the loner loser killer, just as Mark David Chapman, John Hinckley, Arthur Bremer (he's been released from prison! As have would-be-Gerald-Ford-assassins Squeaky Fromme and Sarah Jane Moore! Yikes!), etc. do. Bugliosi in his book lists umpteen reasons pointing to Oswald's sole guilt. And LHO was a chronic liar, as Bugliosi points out. Remember at the DPD he said, "I didn't shoot anybody" when asked if he had shot the President; there were MANY witnesses to his shooting policeman JD Tippett and his subsequent guilty behavior.

The U.S. Congress committee that reexamined the event in 1979 and came away with the conclusion of 4 shots and 90+% chance of a second shooter was basing its evidence mostly on that tape a motorcycle cop had recorded that day. But that was shortly after disproven by some guy in Ohio who somehow (I can't remember how - I haven't seen that documentary for many years now) determined that the cop's tape was not from Dealey Plaza but rather from the area around Market Hall, where the luncheon was supposed to have taken place after the motorcade.

There's a memorabilia nut who was a doctor and who also coincidentally was at Nuremberg for the Nazi trials. He had possession of Oswald's rifle tests in the Marines. He showed in those 2 little booklets how LHO, from a distance of 200 yards (the fatal shot 11-22-63 was 88 yards, well within Oswald's range), had scored almost all hits within the target area. So don't believe anybody when they say Oswald wasn't that good a shot, On one show I heard him described as above average for a Marine shooter but excellent compared to the general populace.

Here's an article about this VERY-INTERESTING-LIFE now-deceased doctor, Dr. John K. Lattimer, who also on a documentary I saw, shot a similar rifle to Oswald's and got off the 3 shots with the bolt action (he was over 80 at the time, maybe over 85) within the 8.5 seconds. No it was not 5 or 6 seconds like the conspiracy hustlers would have you believe (for those charlatans, follow the money), but 8.5 and perhaps a little more, I heard recently. I've also heard the rifle described as adequate for the job that day, unlike the conspiracy hustler's assertions (remember, more books have been sold about this murder than any other).

Dr. Lattimer also has written the mentioned-above book (and the Lincoln assassination as well) so I bet that's a good one, especially since it agrees with the Warren Commission.

And while Oswald was no genius, Jack Ruby was even more so in the other direction. His IQ tested out supposedly at 82-85 somewhere. And his rabbi at Tifaret Israel in Dallas confirmed his love of JFK. There were many witnesses who said that Ruby had expressed his anticipation of a trial that would conjure up all the horror in Jackie Kennedy's mind and he didn't want her to go through that. Bugliosi goes into detail about Ruby and how nobody would have been involved with him in doing what he did any more than anybody rational would have been with nutjob LHO in his efforts.

Also one of the documentaries recreated the 3 shots by Oswald from the same kind of rifle and.with a similar setup with a wall and boxes (I can't remember if this recreation was actually done from the actual 6th floor sniper nest). There were basically TWO firing positions Oswald used – the first shot, deflected by the traffic light, was much more a downward shot, whereas the latter 2 were more from the tradition horizontal position. The 3 empty shells found on the 6th floor reflect this with 2 on one side of the narrow space between wall and stacked boxes and the third shell in a different position much closer to the wall and I think closer to the sniper Oswald. Anyway they had a guy shoot the rifle in the same firing positions, and sure enough, the final positions of the ejected, empty shells closely approximated the final positions of the actual shells found that day by the police. And on another documentary some expert mentioned that, with the gentle slope of the road, the final fatal shot, even with a moving target (which was moving very slowly), would have been almost like a straight shot so certainly well within Oswald's expert ability as a shooter.

And on and on........go read those books. And also Bugliosi's book about OJ. I like what he said about that circus trial at the time, "Anybody who thinks OJ Simpson didn't commit these murders doesn't understand the evidence."

Here's one of my favorite Jay Leno jokes (about Mike Tyson's attempt, after release from prison for the rape, to get a boxer's license in California):"Hey have you heard that Mike Tyson is trying to get a boxing license out here in California? Let's think about that for a minute. Let's see, this state has issued OJ Simpson a marriage license, Rodney King a driver's license, and Robert Blake a gun license. Yeah, I think it's OK to go ahead and give Mike Tyson a boxing license!!!!!"Also from Leno (1996):"You know people have been writing in and complaining that I never say anything good about OJ. I started thinking about it and they were right. So, OK, I'm going to say something nice about OJ Simpson right now. He hasn't killed anybody in over 2 years!"

Also eyewitness testimony can be very unreliable. I remember seeing one documentary where a guy said he was pulled over at an exit ramp on Stemmons southbound right at the time of the JFK assassination and he looked over to the east across Stemmons and saw a guy running away (I can't remember if this guy said the runner had a rifle but I think he did say that) behind the grassy knoll fence. Gerald Posner in his book "Case Closed" did some research and found that at that infamous moment in time there was a train sitting on the tracks east of Stemmons so he couldn't have seen that.

05/12/21 01:32 AM #22270    

Jim Bedwell

The last survivor of the USS Indianapolis shark feast disaster (1945) just died - born in 1924.

Everybody's heard about the current, especially east coast, gas crisis due to Russian hacking into their gasoline distribution controls? Pathetic. Well, when was the last time we saw gas lines? Under Jimmy Carter, Dem, right? Plus they don't know who or how they did this, right? With not just domestic ramifications, this is REALLY important!!! History teaches that these kinds of attacks/provocations just get worse with time if no ramifications ensue from such acts of war. Hmmmmmmm.............I'm sure the corrupt media is all over this story, right?

Now the Palestinians are threatening Israel again. Too bad Israel's best friend ever isn't President anymore.

And of course we have the ongoing border plan currently being implemented successfully as planned by the Marxist totalitarian rulers trying to change (ruin) this country forever, now nakedly for all to see. I heard it's now been 48 days since Biden named Kameleon Harris the scapegoat, oops I mean, manager of the catastrophe, oops I mean border opportunity, oops I mean challenge.

Just as I thought, Biden is AGAIN just like all through his history, making the WRONG decision on just about everything. Oh well, we're less than 18 months away from the next election (HOPEFULLY!! However, as we know, death and taxes are the................)........




05/12/21 07:06 AM #22271    


David Cordell


I actually read ALL of your last few posts, although I had to take a breakfast break! I can only read so much at one sitting!

Have you been to the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas? It is very interesting and a worthwhile visit. You can look out the window next to the window that Oswald used. (The area around "his" window has book boxes set up around it to look like it might have looked at the time.) There is a section of the museum in which a recording addresses the Congressional finding as if it were "settled science". The next section totally rebuts that report.

About drugs -- you might remember that the Richardson Daily News ran an article that said that 90% of RHS students had experimented with drugs, and that we created an anti-drug campaign, including the Youth for Truth rally. Anyway, I had never tried any drugs at that time, including marijuana. Ever since then, I have felt that I have to be true to myself by never trying drugs. So, I haven't even touched marijuana except to pass a joint down the row at a rock concert - without partaking. My wife never tried any drugs either.

It was especially difficult for two never-druggers to experience the death of their first-born child from a drug overdose. Rob's deadly cocktail was cocaine, morphine, and Xanax. I just don't understand recreational drug use, even marijuana. Why would I want to inhale smoke into my lungs?

05/12/21 09:12 AM #22272    


Wayne Gary


The last Marine on the USS Independence died this week.  There are still 5 sailors alive.  Every ship has a Marine detachment for security.

I saw a PBS story where they shot monkeees head with the same type of rifle and found out 2 things

1: the scull moved toward the gun instead of "Common Sense" says should move away from the gun.

2: The bullett is travling at supersonic speed and the shock wave and pressure build-up created inside the brain causes the entry wound to "blow out" resulting in a larger hole at entry than at exit.  This is what JFK had.


Like you I never have tried drugs.  Once I was given morphene after a car fell on my foot and I was in so much pain the EMT gave me a shot for pain. The EMT said to rate the pain on a 1-10 scale and I said a 12. The pain subsided but I did not have any euphoria. 

I remember the 95% episode and a number of students had 5% shirts made up.  I think more than 5% of students wore signs saying they were the 5%. When the reporter was asked about where he got his information his reply was he stopeped 3 people walking down Main Street and asked them how many students they thought used drugs they came up with the 95% number.  None of them had any actual knowledge of facts.

That report made it very hard to find a place to have our proms.

05/12/21 11:16 AM #22273    


Jerry May

Jim Bedwell, after reading countless books and seeing re-creations of President Kennedy's horrible demise I'm in full agreement with you! And, I did see one where the recreation displayed a moving vehicle (same speed) with weighted dummies...and a "jump-seat" over and down....of course. The trajectory of those projectiles perfectly aligned with those of the Mannlicher-Carcano 6mm. After very few tries, the shooter/expert was able to duplicate the exact pattern of impact(s) including the mystery pristine bullitt! Which actually was not pristine at all, but in very good condition. All shots were from a fixed position.....not the Depository itself, but from the 88 yard distance and same height.

A couple of things: 1) Many thought Kennedy was hit in the back.......except for the fact that his jacket was "bunched" and therefore showed the neck shot to be correct, when the clothing was straightened out.  And yes, he was wearing the back brace that day. 

2) A friend who was in the FBI several years ago......but may be retired now....tested me on the time span of shooting. "Was it possible?" I said, "Sure, if he were smart.....he would have had one in the chamber already.....therefore needing to re-bolt and chamber twice." He smiled, knowing I was probably correct. 

His second question was......."Wasn't he an average shooter?" I said "No, and even if the rifle was slightly off sighted.....he would have allowed for that....because he DID indeed practice." He smiled again, saying...."Sounds like you did your homework!"

As a footnote, I added.......that I had been up there (Sixth Floor Exhibit) several times......and being able to rest a rifle on a box with a target moving nearly in a straight line; eighty-eight yards was not that intimidating.....even if one did not use a scope! (when I went up......I was shocked at how close that actually was!) 

Some ironies: I met Paul Bentley.....a retired detective who was one of the arresting officers at the Texas Theater; about 25 years ago. I was at his home with his grandson.....who had a car that I was buying for my son at the time. But Mr Bentley had put the title in his I needed it signed. The grandson asked me if I knew who he was, and I told him, "No" "He helped arrest Oswald at that theater" So Mr Bentley invited me in and I asked him about the arrest and Oswald. His words were: "Oh, he was a bad....bitter dude.  And even though he was small.....was a scrappy "so and so"! After showing me pictures I had never seen, he qualified that they were there to arrest a man who fit the description of the assailant of Officer J.D. Tippit. And the police were called because witnesses described him and said he went into the theater without paying. 

After saying "Well its over now"........Oswald started grappling with Officer Paul McDonald whom he had punched......while trying to pull a .38 S&W pistol. After leaping over seats and getting there in time to hear an audible but weird sounding click......Bentley his Oswald with his fist and made the perfect impression of his Masonic Lodge ring. Officer McDonald had caught his finger on the gun....where the hammer dropped on it. He had said he was "bracing" for the shot.....which never came.

When they deposited Oswald in the back of Bentley's car......Mr Bentley had just heard about the Presidents death. Turning around he said, "Did you kill the President too?" Oswald's sly comment  was "I guess you'll find out"

Father Huber: who gave the last rites to the President knew my parents and was over for dinner a few years after......and said he just "knew" the President was dead....and Jackie had such a vacant look!

My Dad was standing very close to the corner of Lemmon and Mockingbird to see the motorcade. (he commented Jacqueline caught his eye first with the pink suit an all) Standing maybe a mile down on the corner of Lemmon and Oak Lawn stood some Holy Trinity 6th grade girls in uniform.....who had been let out to see the President and First Lady; one of whom was my ex-wife! In at least one film I've seen I saw her. Little did I know we would be married 10 years later almost to the day!~j


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