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05/07/21 06:48 PM #22229    


Bob Davidson


I'll go ahead and answer your question.  First, I don't think the RHS advanced classes were really designed for "high IQ" students:  they were probably at a higher level of difficulty than the other classes, but there was very little to no interest in ideas or intellectual stimulation and the teachers mostly seemed to be putting in time to get a paycheck.  I enjoyed a few classes in high school -- geometry with Mr. Ratliff, Latin the year we read the Aeneid, solid geometry with Mr. Horner, computer programming with all the nerds, Mr. Winstead's biology class, but not much else.  Mostly it was making things that were intrinsically interesting into boring repetition of disconnected trivia.  I also felt that most of the teachers thought the students were an annoyance they had to put up with and I was particularly annoying, especially when I asked questions.

I was probably a bit jaundiced because I went to school in four totally different worlds -- a top notch private  school in New Orleans in k -2nd (on scholarship) with the Heberts and Thibbedeaux, an excellent public school in suburban New York New Jersey (we were supposedly in competition to be the best in New Jersey when New Jersey boasted about having the best public schools in the country -- I don't know how true that actually was but we all believed it) in mid 2nd to mid 5th with friends unironically named Vinnie and Kimball, ridiculously badly funded public schools with super teachers (talented people who want to live in a basically third world place are thrilled to have steady jobs as teachers) and a number of the smartest fellow students I've ever encountered in Jackson, Mississippi from mid 5th through 8th with friends named Beauregard and Forrest, and RHS from 9th on with people with middle American names. RHS was much, much worse than those other schools in almost every way.  Our family was only planning to live in the Dallas area for a year or so while Dad established a presence in the Western US for his firm and we could move to Atlanta with the Dad's partners so my parents weren't worried that much about the quality of the schools -- they were as good as any in the, sigh, Dallas area.  My parents ended up staying there 25 years in a house my mom hated but bought because it was a bargain.

At the time, I didn't realize just how bad RHS was -- I thought it was me and dealing with my mom hating living there -- until I got to college and had the wonderful opportunity to deal with professors who were interesting, challenging, and stimulating. 




05/07/21 08:48 PM #22230    

Ron Stocklas

Bob D., thank you for indulging me. I so enjoyed reading the history of your coming of age experience with RHS. I now realize how awful it was, and, no, of course, it wasn't you. Thanks again.

05/07/21 11:06 PM #22231    


David Cordell

Bob D,

Is it possible that you started off on the wrong foot at RHS because you didn't want to be there?

Also, is it fair to compare high school teachers to university professors, who are, ahem, bound to be better in every way??

Recalling just my english teachers --

9th - Mrs. Stringer was a bit on the weird side, e.g. she seemed to believe in Bridey Murphy.

10th - Miss Payne was pretty and kept my interest.

11th - Mrs. Alsup was a babe, and she pushed us.

12th - Mrs. Gant wasn't my favorite (and I had her for two classes), but she was OK. I thought she favored Pat Cowlishaw. He was salutatorian, so of course he got good grades on assignments. But I was redeemed when the student teacher graded an assignment and I beat Pat! 

Along the way I read Julius Caesar, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, and Hamlet. (Midsummer Night's Dream and Twelfth Night in 7th and 8th, respectively, at St. Mark's.) Also had a trip to Dallas Theatre Center to see Hamlet (or was it Macbeth?) and at least one other play.

Mrs. Alsup reflected on our class a few years ago and said that she couldn't believe that she gave us so much work. She later taught in your neck of the woods at high-rent Kincaid, and she said she didn't push those kids as hard. 

By the way, I wasn't too keen on Mr. Winsted. He was a bit OCD in grading my excellent drawing of a paramecium.


05/08/21 06:37 AM #22232    


Alan Joyce

I'll admit I was a Mr Olson fan. I think he seriously cared. A couple of us wanted to take 2nd year chemistry but due to lack of interest the course was cancelled. So Mr Olson offered me the position of a lab assistant and provided me course work and lab experiments when I wasn't washing test tubes. I know he cared. 
But after organic chemistry and a semester of inorganic under the caring tutelage of the TAs at UT, I decided that being outdoors with rocks was more fun and became a geologist. 
       My favorite Mr Winsted memory, was not the bug collection or learning to stipple a drawing of blue green algae, but when he disappeared for a day or two and came back with a bandaged hand and wrist. And then he produced a jar of alcohol which contained the gelatinous mass of the ganglion cyst that had been removed from said wrist. I don't think the class being online would have had the same impact. 

05/08/21 08:17 AM #22233    

Ron Stocklas

David, there is much evidence that Bob D. is correct in his analysis of just how bad RHS was including the teachers most of whom, as he says, saw us students as just a temporary obstacle to endure before the next government-issued check made its way to their bank accounts. I want to thank Bob D. again for being brave enough to actually put it in writing for all to read. I thank God most of us can read.

05/08/21 03:48 PM #22234    


Hollis Carolyn Heyn


Congrats on retiring, David. Next year for me. I dread cleaning out my office. I'll raise a glass of prosecco to toast you, kind and steadfast onward through the academic mire and muck compatriot.

05/08/21 05:32 PM #22235    


Lowell Tuttle

Teachers i remember.

Mrs. Leach.   history.   We learned to write a term paper, typed with ibids, bibliography, et al.   i guess they don't do that any more.  She was friends of my parents and partied hard with them and a lot of 1st Presby's.

Msrs.  Mclenny, Betancourt, and Costlow were my English.  Of course, for me, Mclenny.   I think we spent all one semester and part of the next one on Walden.   I don't think I ever read it.   Passed though.

Mrs. Wilma Wilson Typing and Journalism.   Mr.  Rodriguez, Spanish.   Mrs. Roberts Latin.

I begged my parents to get me into Biology in the 9th grade.  Big mistake.   Winstead was very tough.   I think I made a 70 average for the year.   And, nearly got jabbed 20 times or so by D. Tankersley with a scalpel.  I was very nervous in that class.

That's about all i member other than footballers and swimming....

oh yea, Alan Joyce, I liked Mr. Olsen too...I think I 70'd that class too.




05/08/21 10:36 PM #22236    


Holly Hobby

05/08/21 10:36 PM #22237    


Holly Hobby

For Bob.  You're right. Think  Hank the Cowdog, Head of Security. 

Dear Hank the Cowdog:

Meet Harriett, the Rabbit, ( IJT) Investigative Journalist inTraining.

05/09/21 09:32 AM #22238    


David Cordell

05/09/21 11:49 AM #22239    


David Cordell

Want to see how wokeism has infiltrated corporate America?

05/09/21 04:04 PM #22240    


Jerry May

Happy Mother's Day to all our RHS Moms ......and grand Moms!

Hope you all are having a great day!!

05/10/21 06:42 AM #22241    

Ron Stocklas

David, I clicked the link to see the wokiest place on Earth and all I got was a smiling guy telling to sign up for his newsletter on critical race theory. There was a blurred article I suppose about the wokiest place on Earth behind his advertisement but I couldn't read it. And I'm not giving anyone my personal information on the Internet. What is critical race theory and what is the wokiest place on Earth?

05/10/21 09:21 AM #22242    


Wayne Gary


The link worked for me.  I my be that Ron/Tommy have a fuzzy eyesite due to it now being a liberal/progressive article.

05/10/21 10:33 AM #22243    


David Cordell

"Ron" - 

I was able to navigate through the site I referenced without providing any personal information. I am surprised that you aren't able to. According to the site, Disney is the woke-est corporation, and the site provides lots of Disney materials for employees.

If you don't know what critical race theory is, which I doubt, look it up. Your technique of trying to get the other person to make statements so that you take the offensive by attacking their comments is tiresome.

Everyone who has paid attention knows that "Ron" is Tommy Thomas. The real Ron Stocklas was a classmate, but I cannot find him on the internet. I suspect that Tommy picked a name from the annual and had the same experience that I had, thus identified Ron Stocklas as a handy pseudonym so he could sign up for th website. Perhaps someone else can find the real Ron Stocklas.

There are two possibilities that I can think of. First, Tommy is in contact with Ron Stocklas and obtained Ron's approval to use his name. This is unlikely. Second, Tommy simply began using Ron's name without permission. There are at least two posibilities for the latter, both of which are highly inappropriate. Either Tommy is using the name of a living person without permission, which is a form of identity theft, or Tommy is using the name of a dead person, which is sick as well as being a form of identity theft.

Tommy, you have a great sense of humor, but it often manifests itself absent good judgment. Even the best comedians tell some jokes that fall flat. It typically isn't a reflection on the audience; it is a reflection on the comedian. Many, many people think that your two alter-egos are less about alter and more about ego.

You have your own website with your own followers. Why don't you concentrate your humor where it is appreciated most.

05/10/21 11:47 AM #22244    


Bob Davidson

David -- you are right in some ways that comparing college professors (especially the outstanding ones you and I were blessed to have, as well as Silber) with our high school teachers is unfair.  It is fair in that there was so little enthusiasm or interest on the part of the faculty in their subjects, but the teaching load and demands are so very different.  I never had a TA or gypsy scholar teach me in a college class or even someone who didn't show enthusiasm for the subject matter of the class.  That may have been a totally different experience.

Thinking about those high school classes I enjoyed, I think the thing I liked was that the teachers made me think that they loved their subjects.  (I'd forgotten about Mrs. Springer.  At least she had enthusiasm for Bridey Murphy, and all that mystical stuff.  Two things I remember from that class:  four of us lifting Ron Reese with one finger each and Mrs. Springer living next door to Marina Oswald.)  I think that my big gripe is that in my prior schools, it seemed like the teachers liked teaching; at Richardson it seemed like most of them didn't .

Also maybe liking a class or two each year is better than one can generally expect from high school -- a lot of people see it as babysitting until kids are ready for the workforce.  I was lucky enough to live in a family where my parents always had books they were reading and, especially Dad, eager to talk about and share with us kids.  I didn't really need school to introduce me to literature, history, science, or math since those were topics of discussion at home. 

05/10/21 03:36 PM #22245    


Sandra Spieker (Ringo)


Isn't it possible Ron Stocklas is who he says he is?  There are scores of classmates who have registered here who don't have photos of themselves, and/or little background information, or specific locations. 

05/10/21 04:09 PM #22246    


Janalu Jeanes (Parchman)

I know this info is info that doesn't pertain to old RHS memories, but I think it is worthwhile info to notice.  I was just watching a clip of Neil Cavuto's show as I finished vacuuming our bedroom, and there were 49 people walking across the Rio Grande shown on camera; one man carrying on his head, a nice looking Samsonite, large suitcase.  He came right up to the cameraman and reporter saying that he was from Venezuela, and that he had travelled to Colombia, bought airline tickets for his large family to Mexico City, travelled from Mexico City by bus right up to "near" the border, walked with his family to the river and VOILA!  He and family are in!  He says he wants to get a good job and start over.  He and family members are well dressed, and he spoke English very well.  I suspect he is a well-educated man, "a professional man,"  but he entered our country in the wrong way.  He seems not to have thought about doing anything else, and why would he?  Our border is WIDE OPEN, even though our president, Sec. Mayorkas and Jen Psaki are on the TV each day saying, "Our border is CLOSED!!!"--even though THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS OTHERWISE!

Yesterday there were people crossing the RIO Grande from Cuba, and another man, wife and daughter entering our country FROM IRAN!  The Iranian man said he paid $35K to fly to Panama, then Mexico City, and now he and his family are here too!  

Earlier I heard on KLBJ that two thirds of Americans polled say that "This is not right (!) and our southern border is WAY OUT OF CONTROL!!"  

Does the mainstream media report any of this?  NO!   Many people in the US are unaware of much of what is happening, although there are at least SOME people who obviously don't listen only to mainstream media. 

Thank Goodness for THOSE folks!


I also heard on TV that Biden is NOW paying huge amounts of money to the Palestinians again, even though those payments had been stopped by Trump, since much of the money the Palestinians were receiving from the US was used to pay Palestinian soldiers' families, when the soldiers were killed fighting----fighting and killing mainly Israelis---the money was given to those terrorists' remaining family members for living expenses.  The "MARTYR'S" families were paid indefinitely, since their sons were considered by Palestinians to be heroes, and US money was used in that effort.  Way to go Joe!  

At RHS, I liked Mr. Herman, who taught American History and resembled Ernie Kovacs.  I also liked Mrs. Keesler, my Biology teacher.  She was hysterical chasing Dan Cumiskey around the room with her broom, almost every day.

05/10/21 05:02 PM #22247    


Wayne Gary


Twice I asked Ron about where he lived in HS and were we neighbors. He ignored the requests.  I even mentioned the street 2 blocks away and he would not answer.  I guess Ron/Tommy did not know the name of the street he lived on.

05/10/21 05:14 PM #22248    


David Cordell


Is there a possibility that "Ron Stocklas" is really Ron Stocklas? Sure, but it is very small.

I tried to get basic information from "Ron" via email, and he refused. 

I assure you that I am not the only person who thinks Tommy is Ron. Others have been certain from "Ron's" very first post. These are the same people who caught on to the Sue Daley hoax early-on. This is Sue Daley 2.0, and without much of an upgrade.

Note that even your response to me, and mine back to you, feed Tommy's silly need for attention.

05/10/21 05:21 PM #22249    


Wayne Gary


At one point Sue posted how she transitioned from Tommy.  Later Tommy said he was not the one  that told about getting the makeover to become Sue and denied being Sue.

To me Tommy may be smart but he  has serious mental promblems with 3 seperate persons and needs medication and professional help.

05/10/21 05:40 PM #22250    


David Cordell


I think that we had many very smart classmates who knew that they were smarter than their teachers, and there were many teachers who knew it also. Sometimes students made sure that the teacher knew it. It is not difficult to imagine a teacher picking up on that vibe and reacting, or at least experiencing a degradation in their enthusiasm. And high school students have a way of getting under teachers' skin. I don't know how anyone can stand to teach high school or junior high.

Some teachers end up teaching topics that are not even in their major field. Maybe they majored in biology, but they also have to teach chemistry, having had only one chemistry course in college. They don't know the topic that well, and sometimes it shows.

My wife started teaching in Austin in the fall of 1973 for exactly $6,000 per year. I think she worked her way up to about $60,000 with a masters degree plus 30 hours beyond the masters. Most of the salary increase was due to inflation. (To give an idea of the effect of inflation, our three bedroom brick house in Austin purchased a couple of years later cost $27,000.) After 38 years, her pension is about $38,000 per year and is not adjusted for inflation. Her schools didn't pay into the Social Security System. She only receives about $500 per month from SS, based on work for employers that was covered by SS. That $500 would be $900 except for a provision that reduces SS benefit for those receiving a pension from a non-SS-covered source, the vast majority of whom in Texas are teachers.

I don't mean to seem defensive. and I understand what you're saying about enthusiasm. But I can easily see how enthusiasm can wane when you are trying to teach a group of kids, including many who don't want to be there and don't disguise the feeling.


05/10/21 06:07 PM #22251    

Ron Stocklas

David, I am who I say I am. I don't like Tommy any more than you but I contacted him by email to see if there was some way he could clear up this ridiculous idea that he has been impersonating me and that I am not me. I've always been me.

He said that he was sorry that I got caught up in your relationship with him. He thought that actually it was you who were impersonating me. He said that this was what you thought was a clever way to make him look bad and that no one would ever believe that you would do such an outlandish thing so it was something like the perfect crime. He asked me not to talk about what he said but I didn't promise not to do so. So I am posting this for you.

He even said that you would deny this on your Forum and probably delete my post. In fact, he said that you would be so upset about his figuring out what you were up to that you would prevent me from posting any longer just like you did Lance and him.

I can say unequivocally for anyone who is reading that you are not impersonating me. 

I told him that you wouldn't do that because I am me not Tommy and you are just not that kind of guy. Then he said you would probably even remove me from the class list and delete all my posts. I agree with you and Wayne that Tommy has simply lost it. He needs to see a therapist right away.

Just ignore him -- he's not worth paying any attention to.


05/10/21 06:37 PM #22252    


David Cordell


Everyone knows that Tommy is simply trolling and seeking to cause grief to me, and to a lesser extent to classmates who are inclined to toward the more conservative side.

But he is right about something. I will remove you from this site -- because you are a fake.

If you want to preserve your posts, you will need to copy them because they will disappear soon, as will your access to post on this site.

05/10/21 09:28 PM #22253    


Lowell Tuttle


Back in grade school, living at 727 Newberry, our neighbors were The Sheets, Cedarbergs, Cudmores, Debona's, Ed Kneese, Bob Sichterman's family and some others.   The kid who had the most toys was Bill Hyatt, a couple of years our junior.   But he had a collection of army men and other stuff that was cool for our age at that time.

His mom worked.   But, I remember her being able to imitate commercials on the radio and TV perfectly and thought it was neat.   The one I remember most was Munch a Bunch of Frito's.

Today,, wife and I driving all over town trying to get her brother's affeirs in order to get out of his hospital freeze stay (from 2 18 2021 to now) and go into a nursing home.

I have decided I want to be able to imitate this commercial.

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