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06/11/24 03:21 PM #30613    

Jim Bedwell

I saw a special on King Tut yesterday. They had thought his mother, wife of the Pharaoh, might have been the famous Nefertiti, so they did DNA testing on those royals, and found that not only was she NOT his mother, but also his mother was a full sister to his father! He had inbred issues that likely led to his missing toes and warped feet, and not being able to walk properly - among the 5000+ items they found in his tomb in 1922, were many canes and other walking aids.

06/11/24 06:57 PM #30614    


Tommy Thomas

Jim and Ron,

That Texas heat has about done me in. I'm spending quite a bit of time through mid-October in places other than central Texas because of the heat. Not sure how I will like living elsewhere but 2024 will be a test. So far so good.

I've been in Portland, Oregon since last Wednesday and will be here for a little over two more weeks. Weather has been great - mid 50s at night and high 70s in the day. I live in a forest. Here I am at the Austin airport last week with Stella ready to board my Alaska Airlines flight to Portland -- thankfully nonstop!

And here's my Portland home.

And finally here's the view out my bedroom window from my bed in the morning.

06/11/24 09:27 PM #30615    


Marty Fulton

Pardon me..... Thanks Dad!

06/11/24 10:32 PM #30616    


Janalu Jeanes (Parchman)


That Oregon place in the forest looks delightful and wonderfully hidden amongst the great outdoors!

The little bungalow is very nice for several visitors to enjoy.  Stella looks to be right at home.

You COULD have straighten out the bed covers before photo shots!  Do you think you are on holiday, or something?

Have a great adventure!

06/12/24 10:43 AM #30617    


Bob Davidson


In ancient Egypt, the rulers had to be brother and sister for religious reasons.  Not so hot for the family genetic pool.

06/12/24 11:06 AM #30618    


Lowell Tuttle

I left Austin for Dallas in 73.   My brother Lawrence graduated RHS in 72 and one or two years at Richland then to UT.   He fared much better than I...eventually a degree in ancient Greek and computer science, which is his field.   I think that took about 3-5 years, not sure.

Anyway, to help himself out financially, he got a job at the State mental hospital, or Travis County, or City of Austin...He was in admitting.   So, whatever condition a mental patient was in, Lawrence was with them to get them physically and paperwork-wise admitted.

This is just before we stopped having mental hospitals paid for by the State or the Feds...whoever...I really don't remember.

Anyway...several years later, I was with Lawrence in Austin.   We pulled into a U-totem for beer, or gas, or bread, or whatever...I can't recall.   We pulled up to the front and there was a homeless guy...just about passed out in a raggedy attire...  We approached the front door and had to sort of pass by him.

He glanced up and his eyes lit up.   He recognized Lawrence from their encounters at the facility literally years before and they remembered the good old days from the State Hospital...

I was moved.

It surely must have been a job of impact to a college man.   People from the streets or other hospitals or family breakups momentarily in a personal mental crisis...

06/12/24 12:45 PM #30619    

Jim Bedwell


Thanks, I didn't know that.

My, how things have changed. Today it happens when you want your brother to gain entry to this country (Ilhan Omar).

Oh, wait, now the situation's changed again so you don't have to marry your sibling. You just walk into the country and expect freebies at taxpayer's expense after you've helped further enrich the drug cartels. As Joe is further gone every day and will be made to let go, LET'S GO BRANDON & GO DONALD!

06/12/24 04:09 PM #30620    

Jim Bedwell

Eight ISIS terrorists have been arrested recently in Philadelphia, New York, and Los Angeles.

In a poll recently, 60% of all Americans support full deportation of all the illegal aliens, including 1/3 of Democrat voters polled & over half of Hispanics.

06/14/24 08:19 AM #30621    


Tommy Thomas

Remember Dan Price...that CEO who took a pay cut so he could pay all his employees a minimum annual wage of $70,000? Here’s what happened next:

“Six years later after the decision that others said would destroy his business, Dan reports that revenue has tripled, the customer base has doubled, 70% of his employees have paid down debt, many bought homes for the first time, 401(k) contributions grew by 155% and turnover dropped in half. His business is now a Harvard Business School case study.”

In his own words:
“6 years ago today I raised my company's min annual salary to $70k. Fox News called me a socialist whose employees would be on bread lines.Since then our revenue tripled, we're a Harvard Business School case study & our employees had a 10x boom in homes bought. Always invest in people.”

06/14/24 11:45 AM #30622    


Janalu Jeanes (Parchman)


Happy Birthday!  Hope your special day is one to remember!  Have a super fun time doing whatever you like best!

06/14/24 12:01 PM #30623    


Janalu Jeanes (Parchman)


Isn't that the same Dan Price who is accused of raping a woman in Palm Springs, and who is also accused of domestic violence by his ex-wife?

The guy sounds rather unstable to me.

I'm sure there is more to the story.....more to come.

I suppose he manages his business matters better than his life outside the office.

06/14/24 01:16 PM #30624    


Jerry May

Thank you Janalu! As I told Jon Rommel recently, they're coming Fast and Furious now!

06/14/24 01:39 PM #30625    


Jerry May

Got a laugh recently from a text converted from a voice mail I received regarding new glasses.

I understand there is an app I can get to mitigate this, but I'd much rather listen!

Here it is: "Mr May, this is Tori with Club Vandal Eyecare Center. I just sent your prescription over to optical as directed on both eyes. The Dr stated that regarding your prescription on both eyes, that we shitted either dead ballot loans on that, or we should have just left it a Plano lens, since you basically use your opposite eye for your CNN in your reading......yeah"


06/14/24 05:36 PM #30626    


David Cordell

Just back from a long car trip. Ultimate destination was Temecula, CA for a wedding of Martha's nephew. Wandered over to San Diego just to walk along the water for a few minutes.

Went to the Wilson Creek winery in Temecula. Unfortunately, no tours that day. I went over to a couple of employees who were talking together, and asked a few questions. Then I noticed that one of them was the CEO. He offered to take us on a personal tour, at the end of which he gave us two bottles of petit syrah. Not bad!

On the way back, stopped at Sedona and the Grand Canyon for couple of days each. Went to Tuba City, AA on the Navajo reservation to see an exhibit on the Navajo Code Talkers. Poverty on the reservation was rather obvious. Then to Santa Fe where we visited with Steve Gardner and Marshall Netherland. Took a side trip to Los Alamos. Very interesting.

Drove 3500 miles and had a great time, but It was nice to sleep in our own bed last night.

06/15/24 08:57 AM #30627    


Tommy Thomas


Great story about meeting the CEO of the Wilson Creek vineyard. Tell us more about that visit.

In 1992 I took my family on a road trip from San Francisco to Seattle. On the first day out of San Francisco, we drove into Napa Valley. I had discovered Caymus Cabernet a couple of years before and then read about some of its history. Charlie Wagner Jr. grew up on his family's vineyards in the 1920s and had just retired. I saw an older man walking across the parking lot and my intuition told me that this was the famous Charlie Wagner, Jr. I walked up and asked if he was Charlie Wagner Jr. He lifted his head and smiled at me with the curiosity of someone who had peaked but was now on his steady snd inevitable decline as to why on this day a "young" man would be interested to meet him. It was Charlie Wagner Jr. and for a few minutes he relived his life that evolved much like the grapes and wine he tended. Then he asked if I'd like to see some of the operations.

Of course I was pleased and surprised as he showed me the the stomping tanks, oak barrels, and finally the bottling room. He reached down into one box and pulled out a magnum that was three quarters full of Caymus Select - the exclusive Caymus  wine that sold for a premium. The "King of Cabernet" (the moniker that the Napa newspaper had given Charlie as it described the winemakers in Napa Valley) explained that this was a box of bottles they couldn't sell -- the bottles had been corked before the bottles were full.

Then his eyes softened and I swear sparkled as a new grin of sharing came across his lips. I would not have been taken aback had he asked me if I wanted to have catch. "Would you like to have this bottle?" as he extended it toward me.

That night we stayed in an isolated bungalow on the Pacific coast in Northern California redwood country. I grilled steaks and baked potatoes for the entire family and shared a bottle of God's nectar with Margaret while relaxing at the rhythmic lapping of the Pacific onto the living and appreciative tidepools. And that wine tasted so fucking good.

06/15/24 10:12 AM #30628    


Lawrence (Lance) Cantor




Yeah Tommy…she shared a sexy soliloquy savoring that sauvignon... what bad timing to get an urge to piss and miss that kiss....:(


Speaking of Caymus, here’s my Caymus Cabernet I took on the inaugural cruise aboard the Carnival Jubilee in January, along with their wine menu…Their Lohr was pretty ****** good too!



FYI…I’m thinking about buying a case through a local restaurant…lemme know if you wanna split the case with me before our 55th Reunion additional events.


Is Jan in on this…or still in wino recovery?


Anyways…I’ll bring my urn!






06/15/24 11:39 AM #30629    


Tommy Thomas


You mean buying a case of Caymus through a local restaurant? 12 bottles? I'm definitely interested. Any other takers here on David's Forum who want to get in on this?

06/15/24 01:39 PM #30630    

Jim Bedwell


Belated happy birthday. Hope you had a good one. Our 45/47th President turned 78 yesterday as well - born like you on Flag Day - how appropriate!!

06/15/24 03:25 PM #30631    


Lawrence (Lance) Cantor


Tommy as an afterthought, I'm thinking we offer wine to Reunion classmates BIO in our hotel suite.

Some could BYOB, or enjoy our case of Caymus.

Whatta ya think?

06/15/24 04:55 PM #30632    


Tommy Thomas


I'm simply interested in sharing the cost of a case of Caymus and getting it at a less expensive price. How did you jump to inviting an unlimited number of people at an unspecified time at an unspecified place to drink it all? You're on your own on that one.

06/15/24 05:16 PM #30633    

Jan Alexander

Tommy,  I thought that the Graduate with a Twist was the specific time and the specific place that Lance is talking about? Sounds like you are inviting everyone to your room...  sounds fun.... and twisty.

Graduate With A Twist

Saturday, October 26, 2024


Tommy Thomas' Suite

Hilton Garden Inn

1001 George Bush Turnpike

Richardson, Texas 75080


06/15/24 05:26 PM #30634    


Tommy Thomas


You are correct. I am hosting and sponsoring The Graduate With A Twist as one component of the Shadow Reunion. I'm inviting everyone to my hotel suite to share a martini before the Main Event! It has nothing to do with what Lance proposed. And there is no "our" hotel suite - just "my" hotel suite.

Oh, and it's The Graduate With A Twist, not Graduate With A Twist. I know it's just one minor word, but it makes a significant and meaningful difference. I want to say one word to you. Just one word. Are you listening?

06/15/24 05:34 PM #30635    

Jan Alexander


Happy Birthday Jerry..  who reminds me of Al Gore.

06/15/24 11:19 PM #30636    


Janalu Jeanes (Parchman)


I don't think we need to phone one or the other.

I believe I know what you want to say, and I regret that I don't think the reunion is for me, due to issues of my own predicament, not that I want to discuss them. They are rather private and have nothing to do with any of you lovely, sweet friends of yore.

I wish to you all that you have a wonderful time enjoying each other with hugs and fun memories and lots of laughs!


06/16/24 08:15 AM #30637    


Lawrence (Lance) Cantor





Good morning Janalu…no worries about attending our 55th Reunion…Jan and i will take lotza photos for you!


Good morning Jan…have you mastered your new camera?  Got more Eagle pics?  If so, kindly flip us that bird here.


Your costume??



Good morning David and Tommy…here’s some thoughts for you to consider as Forum leaders regarding the Reunion.


…No one thought to poll the Class for our ideas for Reunion activities


…No one thought to poll the Class for nominees to the Reunion Planning Committee


…David Seidler and his Committee has yet to initiate discussion of their fun Reunion ideas


…David Seidler and his Committee has not yet replied to my email regarding fun ideas that I submitted a month ago.


…Forum Administrators have not welcomed Classmate discussion of Reunion ideas.


TommySue,  regarding your proposed excellent ideas for hotel suite events with a Twist and at Heights Elementary, have y'all considered that October 26th is also Halloween celebration weekend…while adding another twist would include “Best Costume” at the Main Event!


I’m thinking for prizes:


…1ST PLACE WINNER - Photo Op with Cordell and You!


…2ND PLACE WINNER - Photo Op with Cordell, Seidler, and You!


…3RD PLACE WINNER - Bottle of Caymus wine!


Whatta y’all think?




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