Music: Member Contributions

Some classmates have asked for an outlet for sharing of non-commercial and personal music. We will post these MP3 files below, along with brief explanations and the name of the contributor. If you have a file you would like to share, please forward it, along with a brief explanation, to

Classical Gas, by Mason Williams with Deborah Henson-Conant.   Contributed by Ron Knight

0Js_Classical_Madness.mp3 - Contributed by Royce Herndon

"This is a one-minute etude (exercise) written and played by my son, Jason, when he was 18 and a student at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood. For the guitar players among us, it was played on a Paul Reed Smith through a Line 6 digital amp. He set the amp to acoustic and laid down the strumming, then recorded the melody over it in legato style on the fingerboard. When he emailed it to me one Sunday morning, it was the moment I knew that all his practice and our investment were worthwhile. Thanks for indulging a proud papa." - Royce