Heights Elementary School 60th Anniversary

by Sandra Ringo

On Saturday, May 21, 2016 Heights Elementary celebrated their 60th anniversary.  I was in attendance, along with my husband, Danny, and we were able to meet and greet a few of our fellow alumni and take some photos of the school.  Cake, and refreshments were served in the cafeteria-auditorium where a selected group of current students gave a brief presentation.  Both Danny and I were amazed at the talent presented before us.  This current generation of students are very intelligent and well spoken!  We saw a group representing each grade who gave a brief speech on why Heights is a great school.  I also met a few folks who actually attended while I was there many, many years ago!  Phil Huber was there along with Michael Butler (Class of 68') and Mollyan Durham.  Here are the photos.

The front entrance.  The gardens are well maintained and the trees are huge compared to when we attended!  This next photo is of a magnificent red oak.  It must be 60 years old for sure!

This is looking South from the front entrance.

This is a garden between the 3rd-4th hallways and the 5th-6th hallway.  There is a pond there and a nice walkway.  Much improved since I last saw the school in 1963!

Baseball diamond on the west side of the playground. 

The auditorium-cafeteria is much the same as it was.  The ceiling has been updated and there is a mural painted on the side wall. 

This is the entrance to the cafeteria.  Pictured with me in the dark shirt is Michael Butler.  He lived next door to me on Newberry drive.  Amazing that he remembered that once we all got the idea to climb on his garage room and jump off.  Yes we did, no broken bones either.  I am not sure who this lady was, she was not in our class.  We are comparing notes to see if we knew each other.

I did meet someone I knew, Mollyan Durham!  We had a nice talk.  She currently lives in Austin.  She was there with her sister.

I remember taking square dance lessons in the gym, and the science fair was there too.  It is still in great shape.

The school put some scrap books out on tables.  Each one represented a set of years or decades.  I could find nothing from our 6 years.  They had one which was from 1956.  The lady in the wheel chair was a former teacher from 1979 to the 90's. 

Phil Huber and I.

They had a few posters like this on the wall of the gym.

Michael Butler, Sandra Spieker Ringo and Phil Huber.

Here is a view of the 6th grade hallway, looking East.  I am standing near the old classroom of Mr. Sims. The lady in the wheelchair is entering Mrs. Craft's room, and Mrs. Fagg's room is on the left in the foreground. Not sure about the door on the right. Mrs. Steer??

Mr. Sims' classroom.  Sorry that I did not know of your specific classroom memories.  This one held special significance for me.  The room where I spent and entire year having a pretty good time.

Inside of classroom.  This was Mr. Sims old room, but I am sure it is pretty typical of how they all look now.

They have added a wing to the West end of the 6th grade wing.  There is a nice library there and a computer room too.

Here is a view of the "new" library, which was added around 2002. 

Another view of the library. 

Finally, what you have been waiting for, the new restroom.  Yes, they got rid of the central half circle wash basins.  Too bad, I thought they were great!  Nice place to store paper towels!  Apparently they had to separate the washing hands from the boy and girls.  Which take note of the large sign.  We would not want anyone to get confused and walk into the wrong side....

Last, upon entering we were not searched.  There were no metal detectors, no probing questions no strange looks.  It was nice, like walking into the past, except for being the old person in the room.  The kids were very nice, polite, highly intelligent and twice as tall as we were at the same age.  Sobering.

Sandra Spieker Ringo