Spring Gathering 3-26-22

Special thanks to Phil and Dana Fielder and Bruce and Karen Byler Anderson to arranging the Spring Break Gathering at Rockfish on Saturday night, March 26, 2022. There were 35-40 attendees, and a good time was had by all. Prize for the Greatest Mileage Traveled goes to Bobby Fleming, who came north from Houston, with honorable mention to Terry Mitchell Reddy, who came from Dripping Springs.


Here are a few photos from the event.


Girls, Girls, Girls! 

Donna Haden Evans, Marsha Hensel Johns, Betty Marshall Groves, Janet Veerman Harvey, Terry Mitchell Reddy, Karen Byler Anderson.



Rusty McBride with wife Donna: "I don't care what the question is. The answer is, NO!"



The long and the short of it. Bruce Anderson and Cindy Rose Rodenhaver.



Pam Pearce Landy explains who-knows-what to Brenda Brown Dickey (back to camera) and Janet Veerman Harvey.



Donna Haden Evans adds horns to Betty Marshall Groves, and Phil Fielder shows that two can play at that game.



Karen Byler Anderson to husband Bruce: "Come on, honey. Let David have a French fry."



Bobby Johns (husband of Marsha Hensel): "My wife made me come to this."

Andy Harvey (husband of Janet Veerman): "Mine too."