Comments from Attendees

Several ‘69ers mentioned to us that they knew that planning the Reunion was a “thankless task.” Not so! Apart from the fact that we enjoyed ourselves, we received lots of expressions of appreciation! Many, many classmates shared kind comments in person, and here are some excerpts from notes that we received. As you can see, a good time was had by all.



Just want to thank you so much for all the work you did on our reunion.  Of course didn't get to visit with you near long enough or any for that fact.  …  Saw so many people wish I could replay the entire evening.  ……Take care and hope to see you before we end up at assisted living - Ha!  Thank you again. As ever.

Melinda Nelson Moody

Thank you for a great reunion. All the activities, food, and especially the company was the best. You and the others did a wonderful job with details and organization. With sincerest appreciation.

Betty Feagin Williams

I wanted to thank you for all the work you did on the reunion. I had such a good time Sat night. I really regret not going to the Friday game and tour. I will not make the same mistake next reunion.

Steve Hull

I probably didn't properly thank you for all the effort you put into our most successful reunion.  Everyone agrees that it was our best ever, and we're all looking forward to the next one. You did a stellar job, and I know in many ways it was a thankless job.

Sherri McCormick

I have been remiss in not telling you what a great reunion party we had. I think you did a wonderful job. I definitely had well as Debra my date. (She fit right in!) Thanks again for a job well done!
Jerry May

THANKS SO VERY MUCH!!  Tom was so surprised at the enormous turnout for our reunion.  For whatever reason, your effort and that of the entire group crossed all boundaries and touched people in every category.  It also felt as if we had finally put aside the old high school cliques and were truly excited to see all of our former classmates.  Bravo!

Laurie Hoffman Dewell

I indefensibly neglected to tell you how much I appreciated the huge amount of time you put into the reunion. I’m very much appreciative.

Tom Grimes

I would like to thank you for your hard work related to the RHS ’69 class reunion. I enjoyed attending the tour of the school and Saturday morning memorial. Your presentation at the latter event was very thoughtful.

George Higginbotham

I am now registered (on the website). The reunion was great! We were all young at heart. Thanks again for everything.

Jon Rommel

Once again, thanks for all the hard work and leadership regarding the RHS reunion.  I know you had a posse helping you, and all of you did a great job.  Another example is this follow up email encouraging me to register.  I have now registered and have already enjoyed looking at the listing of others who have registered. It's obvious you understand the concept of follow through.  Kinda like Dyer's golf swing.  Rick Davis, Bob Brown, and myself played with Phil in the reunion scramble.  Davis, Brown, and I are examples of non-follow through.  Dyer's is text book. 

Thanks again. 

David Mitchell

Just want to thank you for a fabulous reunion. I loved every minute of the events I was able to attend. Thank you both and your team for an experience I hadn't expected. It was joyous and heart-wrenching and comforting and a blast all at once. I was so happy to see everyone and to reconnect with people I thought I'd never see again. I can't thank you enough for your persistence in tracking down classmates. The service Saturday morning for Fallen Eagles was just unbelievable, and I wish we could have gone on for another hour or more. I hope our Dallas area bunch can make plans to get together every now and then.

Terry Mitchell Reddy

I want to thank you and everyone that worked on the RHS Reunion. Having co-chaired a few fund raisers I know how much hard work goes into the "production". Everyone seemed to have a great time. I know the videos didn't get the attention they deserved or that you hoped they would but I definitely enjoyed seeing them.

Susan Hensarling Nahkunst

Thank you for all your hard work in putting the reunion together.  It was such a fun weekend and so good seeing old classmates again.  …God bless and thanks again for the time and effort you put into making the reunion such a great success!  Take care,  

Diane Gant Ramey

Thank you all so much for your time and effort in organizing our 40th class reunion...I know that everyone who attended had a great time...rekindling past friendships was a great experience for all...and it would not have happened without the three of you taking the lead. Thanks and looking forward to the next reunion.

Take care, Steve Healy

It was a joy to see all you guys. Hope to do so again sooner than later. Thanks for sending this, Lance. And thanks to you and Dave for all you great work in making the reunion such a success.
Blessings to all,
Royce Herndon

I would like to add my own appreciations to you three for all your efforts contributing to our successful 40th festivities.  I'm hoping you will keep us updated on all the photos taken and that video of the pep rally that wouldn't cooperate.  Or was it that we couldn't stop talking long enough? Anyway, your efforts do not go unnoticed and if you would pass on to Janet Moss and her husband what a great 'tool' his website was/is and could be.  I don't even know if they attended.  Oh well. Thanks for the memories once again.  Until next time, peace out.   

Lynny Seiter

thank you for all you have both done.  I can see why you put so many hours into our reunion and I am sorry that I did not participate more.  Life is so short.

Janet Veerman Harvey


Thanks for the time you put into the reunion.  I am enjoying a rekindled friendship after 38 years  - and knowing the core of someone certainly makes a friendship easier to rebuild. 

Linda Longacre Sullivan

The memorial service was very special!  We should try an organize more frequent gatherings for those who can make them ! I would be glad to tour a group of alums at the Nasher Sculpture Center sometime for those who are interested !  We all have contacts and opportunities to share with such a Special Group of Friends. God Bless and thanks for your continued leadership ! Looking forward to tonight !

Billy Hines

I had a great time also.  There was more there than I thought was expected so it was really fun to see everyone!  The Golf outing was a blast as well.  I know some stayed up to wee hours of AM but I wasn't one of them. 
Jacqueline K. Brewer Bratcher


Wow what a great time I had at the reunion.  We missed all of you that couldn't attend.  I hope that you can be there next time.  For those of you that were there it was absolutely great to see all of you.   I am sure some of you were there and I didn't get around to talk  to you and I certainly apologize for that.  I was having such a good time I even foregot to take pictures, which really ticks me off.  It was great to see the people that were such a big part of our lives.  Each of you whether or not you realize it have had an impact on our lives.  Bruce stated it well in a email we are very fortunate to have had such great people to have grown up with.  I hope the years are kind to you and prosperous.  I think it would be great if we could have some informal get togethers each year. 

Thanks to all of those that were a part of putting all this together. 

May God Bless each of you and your families.

Russ Stovall

Thanks for all your hard work helping to put together our 40th high school reunion.  I have made all four reunions and I think this was the best!   I feel God has given you your leadership ability and you always take the responsibility seriously.  I feel fortunate to have gone to a school with such a fantastic group of people.  It was good to see you and so many others.  I always brag to my non-RHS friends how lucky I was to grow up in Richardson and attend school there.  Everybody at the reunion appreciated all the effort you… put in.  Take care.
Jim Mulvihill


I so enjoyed returning to the reunion, but your fallen angels ceremony was heartfelt and meaningful!!!! I really felt connected there after all these years at that ceremony!    Without having been in touch, I do know you have lived a life with God!!! Thank you for all you did to bring us united again, even those that have left us!!

Mari Crosby Huie

I just wanted to let you all know what a wonderful time I had yesterday. You all did a FANTASTIC job in all the work that you have done.  I would love to help with the next one. Do we have to wait 10 years???   or rather you all say, man, we have a 10 year rest!!! hahahaha. Anyway, I just wanted to express my thanks to you all.  The memorial was great and I'm so excited that we have some strong Christian people in our class!!! He DOES work through us.   Love you all and I'd LOVE to get together and work on the next one. Keep me posted.  I DO plan to call you after you've rested for awhile.

Marsha Brown Johnson

I didn’t know or have everyone’s email that participated, but I wanted to take the time to tell each of you that you all did a great job and it was a great success!  Please pass this email on to those who worked on this to make it such a great success. Karen and I had a great time and I am sure that everyone else did too.  We just wish we had more time to spend time with more of the people that were so much a part of our life in our early years.  I know that Karen and I tried to squeeze in as much visiting as we could, going to bed at 2:00 am Saturday morning and 3:30 am on Sunday morning, and waking up hoarse.  I had to go home a take a long nap on Sunday afternoon and I am sure there were a lot of people feeling like zombies on Sunday. I know that each of you did not get to enjoy it as much as if you had just been able to show up, but you need to know that you efforts did not go unnoticed and all your hard work was very much appreciated. 

A few of you sacrificed not being able to hit the little white ball around for the good of the cause (or that was your excuse) and I am sorry that you did not get to enjoy the fun camaraderie and a great day of golf.  We had a lot of fun.  Maybe we can get together and play around and talk politics with Mr. Mayor or maybe I can give Phil some security tips for keeping Plano safe.  Just give me a call. Take care and let’s try to schedule an informal get together on a yearly basis (before we can’t).  It will be easier with the email list and a website to broadcast from.  All we need is a bar or a hotel lounge or even a park. Best regards to you all.

Bruce Anderson

Ok. Ditto to everything Bruce and Marilyn said. I had so much fun that I am still smiling.
Judy Soelter Spiva

Thank you so much for a wonderful reunion!  All of you really worked so hard to make it such a successful event.  We have such a beautiful class!  It did my soul good to see everyone. Bruce you are right, we are very blessed to have been, and are, a part of such a wonderful group of people.  We have a beautiful class!  As I told Brenda and David, it did my heart and soul good to see everyone.  The happiest times of my life were spent with all my friends from Heights, Beltlne JH and Richardson HS.  I would love to keep in touch with everyone.  Seeing everyone meant so much to me. Love to all of you and I look forward to seeing you very soon!
Virginia Hooter DeSilva

The feeling is mutual. What a great event. Thx to all involved

Mark Mauldin

I had to leave early yesterday and did not have an opportunity to thank
you and others involved in putting everything together. I enjoyed the
weekend and appreciate all your efforts to organize the event.
Mary Masterson Liddle

Just how much fun can a room full of old folks have? I think last nite was a great success. Sorry for the people I didn't get to talk to but very much enjoyed the visits with those I did see. Jacki, as usual, you look great and I really appreciate all your photo-taking. I'd like a copy cd when you get the cameras developed. I thought it was fun to see how as time went on,you seemed to recognize more faces. And I must say we all look pretty darned fabulous. It was worth staying up past my bedtime. What say yall?

Susan Young Steen

Congrats on a job well done.  Now its time to take time for yourself and bask in well deserved praise knowing that your tireless efforts did not end with a 40th high school reunion. In contrast, your tireless efforts will live on in a cascade of memories for the rest of our lives.

Thank you for all your hard work.  You are deeply and genuinely appreciated.   

Holly Epstein Hobby

So many thanks for all the hundreds of hours of work you did to put on this huge event.  But didn’t want to hit my pillow tonight without thanking you.  I saw so many people that fed my soul and got to say things to many people I just loved in high school.

Paula Whitfield Jameson

Many thanks for your initiative in making this weekend possible.  I am deeply appreciative, and  know that many others are as well.  More words may come later, but for tonight at least thank you.

Pat Cowlishaw

Wow, what a weekend!!

I just wanted to say what a great weekend all of you put together.  I appreciated being able to work on the committee and be part of such a great event. 

David:  You did a great job leading out and starting this process nearly one year ago.  You and I had lunch last October at Mia Cocina to talk about the details.  You kept us all focused and lead the way.  You were very good about delegating and not trying to do it all yourself.  Your "vision" on the Reunion as a whole was inspired.  The "memorial service" (which none of my friends had ever heard of) was a wonderful and appropriate tribute to our fallen Eagles.  Your skill on the computer was very apparent.  Your attention to all the parts and pieces and making sure they came together worked very well.  I was able to meet and visit with you wife several times over the past 2 days.  You married extremely well and are a lucky man!  Congratulations and thanks for taking the lead.

Brenda:  After you jumped in I could tell we all needed to stand back and get out of your way.  Your attention to detail was very good.  You have the ability to negotiate as you proved with the Fox and Hound and the Doubletree.  Those two places proved to be the right locations and venues for these events.  It was fun to come to your home (which appeared to be next featured in home and garden magazine) and to meet your husband.  He seems like a great guy and I am glad his health is improving.  Thanks for your high energy and ability to keep things moving and fun.

Lance:  You are the creative version that we would all like to be.  I don't know how you follow up on so many ideas and that is probably your challenge in life.  Putting together the flow of the Friday afternoon and Saturday activities turned out to be very well orchestrated.  Who would have thought we would have "69" people attend the Memorial Service on Saturday morning?  You have a strong spiritual side which will keep you focused on your 2 year old son and your wife.  She and he are going to keep you young and that will be a fun next 20 years at a minimum.  Thanks for all you did.

Bob & Valerie:  What a project you took on!  It was amazing to see that series of DVD's come together.  The amount of time and effort you both put into this was incredible.  I enjoyed watching much of the video last night, especially the color portion.  I am so glad you had not only the sports pictures but also had pictures of theater, band, and many clubs that I had not seen.  I know that made all those who participated in other activities at RHS feel included and seen.  When you pointed out the pictures of Valerie and commented that she was a "diamond in hiding" and no one discovered her in high school, you were glad as it worked out so well that you were able to find one another and marry.

I am proud to be associated with all of you.  Your hard work and dedication will not be fully appreciated by everyone.  However, the number of people that flew in from all over the country was a tribute to our class and to all of you for making them realize this was worth coming to.

I know you are physically worn out and will recover this coming week.  You can look back and know this was a job well done and we have the contact information for the next one.  (I don't mean to leave anyone out as I know others helped, but you 5 were the keys!)

Great Job!  Great Job! Great Job!  That is all I have to say.

David Grant

You threw one hell of a party last night. It was great to mingle with fellow 69ers.

I have some idea of what it takes to pull off such a production so I just want to thank you for your dedication and many many hours of labor. For me and every one that attended it was a special evening. Thank You!

Boon Richards III

I recognized easily everyone who I ever knew well. It was really a pleasure and the time of my life! You really out did yourself. I had a ball, myself. Think everyone did. Thanks so much! I bet your inbox will be aglow with messages of appreciation and thanks!

Debbie Dupree Green

What a great success! 

Super turnout, great accommodations, and a whole lot of fun!  Please know that numerous comments were made about all of the efforts and hard work! 

Great job and good seeing you !

Carla Peters Byrom

I have to chime in too. . . It was so much fun seeing everyone!  Thanks so much for all the work, care and thoughtfuness put into a great weekend. 

Karen Kennedy Seidler

You outdid yourself again.  Thank you for the fantastic reunion you lead us to.  It was so wonderful seeing everyone. 

Martha Mize