In Memoriam

Tommy Knutson

Roland Thomas Knutson

April 17, 1951 - June 30, 2016

Roland Thomas Knutson (Tom) born April 17,1951 in Dallas, passed away on June 30, 2016 in Plano from congestive heart failure due to complications from a fall that broke his hip two days earlier. Son of Donald E. and Doris M. Knutson.

A 1969 graduate of Richardson High School, Tom owned and operated Quality Masters Inspection Services, a real estate inspection service. He was a certified scuba diver, licensed plumber, journeyman electrician and made his first solo plane flight  in 1972. He also enjoyed wood working, boating and hosting cookouts and Open House Christmas parties with his wife. Tom had a heart of gold and always kept you laughing.

Tom was married to Peggy Gonder from Pa. on June 23, 1987 to January 1994, they had no children. He was preceded in death by his parents and and his only sibling, Donald E. Knutson Jr. (Gene).

After suffering a stroke in 2010 it left him hospitalized for over six months. During that time Tom underwent a triple bypass and six other major surgeries relating to his heart and vascular system. He remained close to Peggy and her husband Kimber, until his death, they were with him throughout all his health challenges and at his death. 

Tom requested a donation to the American Heart Association in lieu of flowers. 


         Business card                     1968 RHS annual           First grade, Heights Elementary                       


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07/04/16 08:29 AM #1    

Ron Knight

RIP my friend.

I really have had next to no regrets in my life until I received a phone call from Peggy the afternoon of June 30th. She said Tom was gone. I was in shock. My deepest regret is that I chose to not go by and visit him while I was in town for Ken Gideon's Memorial Service. I left Dallas late monday morning heading back to North Carolina. I was on crutches and was having a hard time getting around, so I conviced myself to wait until October when I will be back in Dallas. He would have been fine monday. Tom, I love you and pray for your forgiveness for my selfishness.

Tom and I go way back to Heights. We were in Mrs. Steer's class in the sixth grade. He sat right behind me ( Kni... vs Knu...).  We rode our Honda 50s together in junior high. Played guitar together. Basically, we became lifelong friends. After high school, Bill Brown, Sam Stevens, Tom and myself all hung out together. After my divorce from Shari (another close friend to Tom) I moved back from Norman, OK. We became roomates at an apartment complex in North Dallas. Our apartment became party central on weekends. Tom loved to grill out. There he met Peggy and they were soon married. They bought a nice house in Plano with a pool, so party central had a new address.

It was tough on Bill, Tom and myself when in 2012 Sam Stevens passed. Now only 50% of our old gang is around. Bill, just you and me buddy!

My brother, I will miss you on this earth, but I know you have to be happy to be rid of that failing body. Today I will raise a glass in your honor. " To the one and only Tom Knutson, cheers".

07/05/16 10:04 AM #2    

Pam Russell (Taylor)

I remember laughing a lot around Tommy and his friend Jeff Daniel. I recall it was in my sophomore year. Just some young people sharing some good laughs.Tommy is someone you don't forget.  I would like to send my kindest regards to his family and friends.

07/06/16 11:11 AM #3    

Jerry May

Tom was a friend to me during our Senior year I think. He just had one of those personalities one does not forget.

I remember we had an easy Math class together which was an elective to have all our credits.

We both sat up front...and that's how I met him. He introduced himself and we were friends from then on.

Like Ron I wish I would have cultivated the friendship over the years but it appears we both had married and had responsibilties. No excuse for me though!

What I remember was Tom not only had the personalty but always had the nicest clothes and shoes. (he was just that kind of guy)

Our teacher.....Billy Ray Kinder was something like 24 when we had him as our teacher. And he didn't seem to mind Tom's wise-cracking occasionally.

I do remember a girl delivering a notice to Mr Kinder who was a BABE! Tom looked up....and said...."Shhhh.....this is an excelerated class!" (the girl just rolled her eyes...but smiled at him)

Mr Kinder's shoulders were going up and down at his desk.....laughing.

Tom knew where he lived and told me that he would go by and see him sometimes on Friday nights. Guess they were friends as well.

But Tom was fun to be around and I doubt very much that funny personality changed much over the years! in God's peace......and try not to make him laugh too much!~j

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