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01/21/21 02:28 PM #21289    


Janalu Jeanes (Parchman)


Sounds like a good movie to see.  I'll have to see if I can find it.


01/21/21 03:26 PM #21290    


Holly Hobby

Not a political statement, guys.  Instead marvel at increasingly sophisticated graphic technology

01/21/21 03:56 PM #21291    


Janalu Jeanes (Parchman)

Brennan, the former CIA genius, is now warning the Dems that they need to "root out" religious "extremists," (and he probably includes many, many groups with that "broad brush" ) and even Libertarians.  Libertarians are Extremists(!) to be afraid of, don't ya know!

This profound wisdom we get from a guy who in the late '70s considered becoming a Muslim, as he was fascinated with life in Muslim countries, and their Islamic faith. 


Just saw this on Facebook:  We are now living in a generation that would actually unplug your life-support system to be able to recharge their cellphones.

01/21/21 04:48 PM #21292    


Lowell Tuttle

David, for what it's worth, I agree the charges should have been dropped or not considered.   I am pretty sure there were some rather pissed off congressional persons who became overzealous being they were huddled in hiding for several hours while the attack was going on.

A column in the Chronicle this morning explains why they chose some lesser charges they think they might be able to get a vote (2/3rds? I think not) instead of straight out inciting insurrection.

This article was hard for me to follow as I have a difficult time following it's theme, but here it is...Maybe Bob can comment.

What Trump is really accused of — and why

By Geoffrey Corn and Chris Jenks

Inline Image Not Displayed

Yuri Gripas /Tribune News Service

President Donald Trump speaks to his supporters at the “Save America” rally Jan. 6 on the Ellipse before a mob stormed the Capitol.

The nation should understand that the upcoming Senate trial of former President Donald Trump on the House-adopted article of impeachment is not for incitement of insurrection. While the article bears that title, the actual charge is a less damning but easier-to-prove charge of willfully encouraging lawless action. This doesn’t negate the president’s culpability, but the wording may increase the chances the Senate convicts the president on the constitutionally prescribed two-thirds vote.

The article of impeachment alleges that Trump, while addressing the crowd on Jan. 6 at the “Save America” rally “nearby,” “willfully made statements that, in context, encouraged — and foreseeably resulted in — lawless action at the Capitol. …” It further alleges that this “conduct” was “consistent with prior efforts to subvert and obstruct the certification of the results of the 2020 presidential election.” The only place in the impeachment article where you find the word “insurrection” is in the article’s title. This is not a defect, the House must allege conduct constituting a “high crime and misdemeanor.” As Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story explained in 1833, that term means official misconduct, which would clearly encompass willfully encouraging lawless action.

This may all sound like legalese semantics, but the wording of the article of impeachment renders Trump’s most likely defense, that he neither intended nor incited an “insurrection,” almost irrelevant. “Insurrection” is a conspicuous constitutional word associated with the Civil War, and reasonable minds may disagree, particularly on whether interfering with Congress’ exercise of its 12th Amendment electoral vote certification, which is an accounting function and not substantive review, amounted to an “insurrection.” But it seems much harder to argue that Trump’s speech didn’t encourage and foreseeably result in lawless action at the Capitol, a leisurely 30-minute walk from where he delivered the speech.

Under 18 U.S. Code Section 2383 it is a federal crime to incite rebellion or insurrection against the United States. To incite arguably requires that an individual intend the result of rebellion or insurrection, meaning that someone said and/or did something with or for the purpose of producing that pernicious result. But the impeachment article simply alleges that the former president “willfully made statements.” “Willfully” qualifies Trump’s conduct in making statements at the rally, not the results of those statements. Stated plainly, proof that the he willfully encouraged lawless action should be sufficient to establish he violated this impeachment article. Congress need not find that his purpose in making the statements at the rally was to produce the result of “insurrection.”

Trump may prefer the focus be directed toward whether he subjectively intended that the participants at the rally engage in lawless conduct. He will likely support this claim by referencing his comment that “everyone here” should march to the Capitol to “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.” But by focusing on the foreseeable consequences of his willfully made statements, the relevant question is not whether Trump foresaw the lawless consequences but whether a reasonable person in that situation would have.

It is highly implausible that the storming of the Capitol by supporters who heard his incendiary speech and “marched” exactly where he told them to was not a reasonably foreseeable outcome. Indeed, millions of Americans listening to Trump at that moment saw some degree of lawlessness coming, especially in the context of inflammatory remarks by other speakers like his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, who preached “trial by combat.”

The drafters of the impeachment article recognized that the true nature of Trump’s most recent dereliction was the way in which he exacerbated arisk that any reasonable official in his position would have recognized. What he actually hoped for is obviously a more complicated question, although his reaction to the events that transpired — he waited hours before calling for his supporters to go home — certainly lend credence to the inference he got exactly what he wanted. But because of the careful language used in the article, in order to convict, senators need only conclude that Trump willfully made statements that encouraged the conduct that he reasonably should have foreseen.

Corn is the Gary A. Kuiper distinguished professor of national security at South Texas College of Law Houston in Houston. Jenks is an associate professor of law and teaches criminal law, evidence and the law of armed conflict at the Dedman School of Law, SMU Dallas


01/21/21 07:54 PM #21293    


Janalu Jeanes (Parchman)

I know that in this country we strive to have equality for all, and I think we have made great strides toward achieving that goal, but when have we ever said we could guarantee equity?  It is my understanding that with equality a person is supplied with the tools necessary to achieve, but equity of how a person compares at the end of the day with other people, is not something that is quaranteed, because it depends on what effort the person puts into achieving his goal.

I heard tonight on Tucker Carson's program that Biden is saying that we are opening our borders to achieve "equity," for all.  That seems to imply that our country is attempting to offer equity of "all our goodies" to people who come here.  WHAT?  We can't offer equity of jobs or living standards & living arrangements to refugees arriving here!  We can offer education, at great cost to current taxpayers, and from there, the people will have to put in lots of time and effort into achieving the same goals that we have gotten to, by way of climbing the ladders of success, over years and with much determination, so for Biden to say that people pouring through our southern border are going to get equity, is NOT a sure thing, if I'm understanding the meaning of equity. 

What the heck is Biden thinking and promising?  Pie in the sky for anyone who walks across our border?  No wonder people south of our border are clamouring to get here!

I keep saying that the US and other countries, should send money and educators down to impoverished countries to instruct the people on how to "raise themselves" out of their dilemma, but I see little effort to do this.  It is my belief that it is our responsiblilty to NOT just GIVE a man a fish (to quell his hunger) but to TEACH the man to fish, so that he can feed himself every day. (a BIBLE parable)

Allowing them to come here is not the answer.     (Allowing all who want to come here the ability to actually come, will bring our country down to a level that will hinder us all from prosperity & progress, and we will all go broke together, beginning a 'spiraling spin' downward.)

The concept of allowing many refugees to enter at will, or essentially "flooding" our country to a point where the country is overwhelmed, unable to deal properly with the masses, is a method out of Saul Alinsky's RULES FOR RADICALS book, (a book favored by Obama & Hillary & other Progressives) and the idea is to FORCE the country to come up with a solution quickly, because chaos is breaking out, forcing the government to "DO SOMETHING NOW!"....Something that benefits the pressing hoard's immediate need, and satisfies the "complaining crowds of citizens," who are frantic to have relief.. 

What has been the solution?  The solution has been to just let the caravans come on into our country, some being detained by the Border Patrol, and many, many of them just being allowed to wander off into our country.  Some are being asked to return for a court date, but 96% of them DON"T!  And why would they?  There is no benefit for them to return, to very likely be asked to "go back to their home country."


On another issue I heard Newt Gingrich speak about..., Why did Biden think it was SO important to strike down the "1776 New Instruction Program for our schools" on his very first day?  The 1776 program was designed to properly teach students of our American history, to inform students that the lousy 1619 "instructional program" is incorrect and is meant to tell students that "slavery was in the USA's DNA."  Totally false!  If there were slaves back in that very early era, there was NO intention to use that possible fact as an intentional founding tenet of our country.  Slavery in that era was a "worldwide given," and it was an accepted way of life worldwide, unfortunately.  That era HAS TO BE CONSIDERED, with all that it entails, when teaching PROPER American history.  To try to teach our history without considering "all the former era's facts or ambiance," (if I may use that word)... is to teach history incorrectly.  To do so, is like being a Monday morning quarterback, critiquing a football game from the weekend.

What all of this "Biden" belief is about, is really about what Obama TOLD US HE WANTED TO ACHIEVE, but actually Obama ran out of time---so he put Biden into place to continue the OBAMA MISSION---this is all about RESTRUCTURING our country and 'FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGING' it to be what Obama envisioned.  It was Obama's thought that America was founded improperly, so he wanted to make America a nation of "un-white" people", since the white people, in his warped mind, were people who mistreated the Black folks, and in recent times, have mistreated the brown folks, so-o-o-o.... Obama's desire is, since his election to serve as one of our presidents, to "RIGHT THE WRONGS OF THE EUROPEAN WHITES," who settled this country.  He has desired to give this country, instead, to the people that he thinks TRULY deserve it---which are the Blacks, the Hispanics, and the minorites he feels should have the grandeur of all that America offers, while the white Europeans need to be reduced to a minority, forced out of the US one way or another, or just disappear due to attrition. 

THANKS SO MUCH OBAMA FOR ALL YOU BELIEVE, which is not the truth of the situation.  It's unfortunate that you, who did not grow up like the rest of us Americans living on the continental USA,---you do not have the American "love of country" in the same way that we do, and you do not understand our love of this country.  You have no feelings or any grasp at all of what this land mass means to us and what it meant to our ancestors.  You are an "outsider," who pretended to KNOW all about us!!!  Your Hawaii was a much different place (and your Indonesia too!) in comparison to the continental USA, with ALL of its history.  You never understood us, really, and I don't think you really, actually wanted to.  You just wanted to "CHANGE," it all, to a vision you alone had.

This is MY opinion, for what it is worth.





01/22/21 12:29 AM #21294    


Steve Keene


One of Joe Biden's first executive orders was to stop work on the Keystone Pipeline.  This is after it was well on its way to completion.  It put 11,000 Americans out of work.  Was it to protect the Native American lands?  No, that portion is already built.  Will it increase American independence from the high cost of foreign oil?  No, it is more costly to produce oil without the pipeline.

The true reason for Joe Biden's decision to quit work on the pipeline is corruption as usual for the Biden criminal syndicate.  Warren Buffet was a big campaign contributor and no doubt has cut Biden in on the lucrative trade he has going, bypassing the Keystone Pipeline.  Buffet owns Burlington Northern which uses railroad tank cars to transport that oil endangering the communities it passes through and which are susceptible to leakage in transport and when being loaded and unloaded.  It puts America at risk for oil supply dependence on Arab, African and Soviet oil.

01/22/21 01:46 AM #21295    


Steve Keene

Bob D.,

I try and understand situations and look at both sides of issues even when they are anathema to my core beliefs.  In looking at the Liberal point of view, I think they are being caught up in what I would describe as an "irrational exuberance" because their guy won and they have conservatives on the run.  They want to take measures while they have the advantage to insure that they can continue in control when the ideas that they know that cannot be defended and which eventually result in collapse of the economy and degradation of America on the world stage, come to fruition.  This is why they are trying to not just defeat the opposition, but prevent it from having the opportunity to rear its head in the future. I fear that their exuberance will be soon shattered when tough decisions have to be made and international crises arise that Joe Biden is incapable of addressing. 

Their loyalties are divided between their desire for power and their envy of the financial independence of the captains of industry who have worked years to build their companies into a success.  They want immediate gratification like many of the millenials today without putting in the time and effort to build their fortunes  Their only means to get financial independence is by corruption, influence peddling and skimming from government programs.  Therefore they only benefit when we spend, spend, spend.  To make this possible they have to tax, tax, tax.

Let me know your thoughts.


01/22/21 07:29 AM #21296    

Ron Stocklas

Our great President Trump was right on Jan. 6 when he said that you have to fight for your country or you won't have a country any more. I'm glad our class website is being used to fight against the left and the Democrats.

01/22/21 10:02 AM #21297    


Bob Davidson


That's pretty much how I see it.  The Dims seem to be interested in power and power only -- I don't see any evidence of them caring about the effects of their beloved policies on the country as a whole or on anyone here.  In my gut I feel like they hate us as much as they hate themselves .  The point of their ridiculous agenda is to show the rest of us that they are in charge and we have to do what they say, like junior high assistant principals on steroids.  Nazis, Communists, and other totalitarians use the technique of pushing ridiculous ideas as unquestionable truth to force everyone to kowtow without question. 

It's also interesting that Biden ran as the not-crazy Democrat, but as soon as he was sworn in started issuing executive orders implementing the policies of the crazies:  open borders, crippling the domestic energy industry, allowing unrestricted entry from countries that don't keep track of terrorists, and virtue signaling with the Paris accords.  I think he cares about his campaign promises as much as he does about presenting a truthful personal biography,

01/22/21 10:18 AM #21298    


Bob Davidson


I read an article this morning about how Biden has appointed no white protestants to his administration.  In the reply section someone pointed out that Pete Buttigieg is a Roman Catholic who converted to Episcopalian.

There were several other responses that essentially agreed on this:  to anyone under sixty, "Episcopalian" is code for "gay." 

While that's certainly not the case at my church, I wonder how true it is overall  The Episcopal church in my neighborhood is pastored by an open lesbian and has a rainbow flag in the sanctuary.  I occasionally go there when I can't get across town for times like Ash Wednesday and know a lot of the congregation from kids' athletics, schools, scouts, etc.  Their youth education director for the tiny Sunday School program is the widow of a good friend who was active in scouting.  When we were talking about gays in the former Boy Scouts, she told me that she believes that her highest duty as a Christian is to protect and promote gays. If there are any Republicans in the congregation, they are over eighty. 


01/22/21 11:13 AM #21299    


Steve Keene

Bob D.,

Gay, not that there is anything wrong with that, is not really acceptable in this PC culture.  It is best to stick to terms like "light in the loafers."  "Swoosh pooters" might also fit.   Flattulence from a Swoosh pooter does not, contrary to liberal opinion, waft any rosier than a fart.  It still smells like fresh air blown over shit.


01/22/21 11:23 AM #21300    


Lawrence (Lance) Cantor


I am blessed to belong to a vibrant Watermark church congregation of 10000+ and average age 30...drawing young Bible believers that are taught servanthood.

Sadly as you described your alternate church with average age 60+...these churches are DYING at a rapid rate.

As a natural purge, it's a very good thing for keeping the doctrinal Faith healthy, and Community healthy.

Dallas is blessed with dozens of well grounded Bible churches.

I hope you will invest and serve with your gifts at one there in Houston.


01/22/21 01:23 PM #21301    


Bob Davidson

I was once part of a wedding party (not the groom, or bride for that matter) where one of maids of honor started a betting pool at the rehersal dinner on when he would leave her.  I told her I thought it was a bad idea, tried to talk her out of it, and didn't participate, but I think I was the only one besides the happy couple.  The woman wasn't an RHS alum and was really horrible -- before the ceremony the best man pulled out a bottle of bourbon and we all had enough shots to get us through the ceremony, including the groom and his mom and dad.  The poor sucker did stick it out longer than I estimated so I wouldn't have won anyway.

I'm wondering now if anyone else has a good guess on how long it will take our new President to get us into a war.  My guess is June 1 of this year -- I think the aggressor nations will take a while to believe that he is really as stupid as he seems so it won't be immediate.  Anyone else have a guess?


01/22/21 01:51 PM #21302    


Bob Davidson

Lance -- my particular church is a unicorn among the Espicopalians:  a large, growing church with a dynamic, scripture-and-tradition basis.  Our rector and his associates are actual Christians, the way we learned about them growing up.  Of course, this is most likely why we keep growing while the rest of the church sheds members like Scouting BSA or the poor Disciples of Christ. 

My former Scout troop is sponsored by a very, very woke Methodist church.  The pastor and the choir director are "roommates" in the manse, but somehow no one appears to notice their relationship.  I like the pastor and used to enjoy joking around with her, while the choir director looked daggers at me, and found excuses to get her away from me, like a jealous wife.  I am friends with the two Republicans in the congregation (who are both slightly younger than us) -- they both keep their opinions to themselves and stay with the church because their wives' friends are there.  The rainbow flag isn't in the sanctuary, but is on the wall of the fellowship hall and flies on the flagpole in front of the church.  Over the past twenty or so years, they replaced their old people (as they died off) with my young, woke neighbors and GBLT folks from all over town, and had a parking lot full of Subarus and Priuses, Mercedes and Audi SUVS, and Lexuses before they shut down for the Wuhan flu. 

I know how they were going to go on the upcoming Methodist split (the woke clergy and their followers are divorcing themselves from the actual Christians so that there will be two versions of the Methodist Church in America --  the split was postponed by COVID, but will take place).  My guess is that most of the clergy will go one way and most of the congregants the other, with the exceptions of ones in places like where I live, Karenland Heights.

01/22/21 02:20 PM #21303    


Lawrence (Lance) Cantor


interesting church situation you have..on the cusp of schism.
Another sad example of our divisiveness.

These days, please be more specific on describing an imminent war.

USA remains a military superpower...that no one will attack militarily for decades.

Perhaps small skirmishes in ocean trade routes with Iran or China 🇨🇳...however no war involving large scale 💣 bombs or nukes.

Otherwise we REMAIN at war,

From Without: Cyber, Economic currency sovereignty.

From Within: Constitutional.

Continual internal attacks on our Freedoms...
speech, religion, assembly, social platforms, etc.

After the Saudis 🇸🇦 join the Abraham Accords later in 2021,

a year or later...Israel 🇮🇱 will be attacked ...losing half her population, but winning the war.

Damascus nuked into ashes!!

USA and Western allies will be bystanders.

My 2 cents.


01/22/21 02:59 PM #21304    


Steve Keene


Shame on you.  There you go reading the Bible again and assuming what it says is true.  Don't you know that is frowned upon in this administration.  

Of course, you know I completely agree with you with a few minor differences like a rapture.

Bless you for the insight God has given you, but it is evident you still have a little to digest.

My 6.45 shekles worth.


My only problem is your timing.  You haven't allowed sufficient time for the AntiChrist to be revealed, for the tribulation to be greater than all the tribulation since the beginning of the earth and even your so called rapture would be awful short.

01/22/21 06:31 PM #21305    


David Cordell

Bob, my church not only has a few identifiably gay couples, we also have had two gay rectors. One is from England, so I guess that's redundant. 

More important to me -- my wife's nephew Scott Salter passed away today after he was removed from the ventilator. He was a handsome, tall, strong man -- only 51 years old. It is hard to comprehend that he could be cut down by COVID-19. Well, I guess it isn't.

I'm much more anxious about getting a vaccination now.

01/22/21 06:49 PM #21306    


Lowell Tuttle

All your claims of divisiveness amongst the Protestant faifths have arisen as the culture has grown to accept the homosexual lifestyle....both from within the congregations and clergy. aso  well as new membership coming into those churches. 

The existing membership is too non accepting of that lifestyle as part of their congregation and clergy.  Hence, they choose not to give or tithe to such an inclusiveness. 

So, other sects are formed.   Seemingly inclusive, but the root of the separation is intended to exclude the gay culture especially from the clergy.

I know the Presbyterian Church has had many rifts.   My church split from the Presby Church USA with an over 66% vote, while First Presbyterian in Houston as well as Dallas failed to get that vote.

It is too bad because many gays are spiritual and believe in Jesus' forgiveness as part of the overall Christian faith.  

There are agnostic gays.  But there are many closeted and out of the closet gays who want to live a faifthful and church going life.

01/22/21 07:08 PM #21307    


Lowell Tuttle

Mike West has been sent home and is getting hospice care (Park Lane/Greenvile area.)  Several ailments have culminated in a poor prognosis.   Anyone interested, give him you caring thoughts.   His buddy, Rusty Shields (RHSer) who lives next door and a cousin of Judy Livings are helping out with the hospice care.

01/22/21 07:38 PM #21308    


Lawrence (Lance) Cantor


For once,
I'm with Chuckie Schumer and his boner comment about an upcoming Senate impeachment of Trump.

Whatta dick this guy is...completely incapable of whipping out strong legislation.

Trump definitely excited an American Erection.

I plan to Show Hard my feelings.


01/22/21 10:50 PM #21309    


Steve Keene


You said a mouthful.  Maybe you can go to church with Lowell.

01/23/21 11:55 AM #21310    


Steve Keene

Bob D. and Lance,

This election and your posts bring to mind the H. L. Mencken quote:  "Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard."

His other prescient quote is:   "On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will get their heart's desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron."

01/23/21 01:11 PM #21311    

Ron Stocklas

Bob D. the war by the true American people against the Democrats and socialists and The Left started on January 6. We lost that battle. Now Biden has declared war on us and it began January 20 not June 1. It's called The Impeachment of our Great President Trump. The true American people will win this war and I'm all in to give it all I've got. Who else is with me?

01/23/21 03:10 PM #21312    


Lawrence (Lance) Cantor




Ron S.

What all you got?   I figure I should ask before I sign up wicha.

Before you answer...just remember TRUMP LOST.

Doesnt matter now if it was a fair or stolen is now American history.


So while you're ready to give it all you got...remember the 73M folks who did also...and now must sit back and take it Good and Hard...just as Steve suggested.  

I know it's hard to swallow, but it is.


Meanwhile we on the Right must regroup, and learn to fight smarter with unity.

Though the popular vote is split...I mean a united right wing Movement.

We ALL need a good movement...especially me.


With a split GOP...who in 2021 will be our Uniter-in-Chief?


Yes i agree, we need to kick some butt...even as we watch Biden  Movement take us toward "greener pastures"...both here and in Paris.


So get Steve and Hull to load up.

I may not have a leg to stand on, but I'm here if you kneed me!


Until then, pass the bedpan please...I gottta go!


Soldiering onward...







01/24/21 12:14 AM #21313    


Steve Keene


Can't decide if you are a bow legged chicken or a knot knee'd hen!

Whoever put stairs is your room and then posted the fall warning sign is trying to kill you.

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