In Memoriam

Cathy Crosby (Cowan)

French Club 3, Beaux Arts 4

Social Security Death Index:


Catherine Cowan

State of Issue:


Date of Birth:

Friday  June  20, 1952

Date of Death:

December 26, 1974

Est. Age at Death:

22 years, 5 months


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11/12/13 08:15 PM #1    

Jan Alexander

Cathy and I were roommates at North Texas State University.   She later married Frank Cowen whom had graduated from Richardson a few years ahead of us. Cathy was a nurse and commuted to Dallas from their home in Denton. On the way home from work she was killed in a car accident on that crazy highway that goes to Denton. Off hand, it was around 1975. 

Cathy had one of the purest hearts I know and was so full of life and love.   She had no enemies but many friends whom loved her dearly. Frank once said, “Only the good die young”.  She and Frank loved country living and they seemed to be the central driving force that many of us would gravitate to for community and friendship. Some of us were from the good ole days of high school but a number of friends were from college days.  Fuzzy was a dear friend of theirs, as well.  Jim Carter even commuted to NTSU with us one semester when we were taking a break from dorm life.  

I once had an eerie conversation with her, and she must have had a premonition about her death for she asked that I watch over Frank.  She was so worried about him, if she were to die.

Yes, her death was a huge loss to many of us and I still count her as one of my very best friends in this life, which I can count on one hand. 

I have lost touch with Frank since and everyone else, for that matter. I do wonder how he is doing sometimes.

I loved her dearly,

Jan (Alexander) Ziman




08/10/14 06:46 AM #2    

Susan Wright-Dodson (Wright-Dodson)

In loving memory of Cathy Crosby

Back in the Day…We considered ourselves the 4-Amigos!  Cathy Crosby, Loopy Godwin, Joanie Burnap and myself, Susie Wright.  We each owned a unique role in the dynamics of this foursome and Cathy’s most generally was LAUGHTER! Her very contagious giggle could change the atmosphere of anything we were engaged in. Cathy was also the instigator of a great amount of mischief, not that we weren’t ready and waiting to go with the flow of her ideas. I have memories of driving the loop at Beltline and Coit, round and round, in Cathy’s Bright Purple Duster and laughing for no reason whatsoever until our sides ached.  I remember sneaking out in the middle of the night to TP some “Very Cool Guy’s” house, making great progress until she started that contagious giggling, which most generally would get us caught. Numerous times we would attempt to sneak into the Apollo Drive-in in someone’s trunk and again, that giggle would get us caught! The best of memories, however, are the endless hours we would sit talking about boys, family, feelings and what we would do with the rest of our lives. Cathy was the most loving friend anyone could want in their life. Her compassionate and unencumbered nature took our foursome on many life adventures that are experiences that formed the tapestry of who we are.  Cathy is truly a permanent part of Loopy, Joanie and I. She is always with us in our hearts.  I am often caught off guard when out and about in my daily life, by hearing a contagious giggle that hits the same tones as Cathy’s…and my heart smiles too. 


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